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Survivor: One World Recap — Jeff Probst Makes Sexual Innuendos, Tikiano Tribe Is Born

March 28, 2012 07:04 PM by Ryan Haidet

Jeff Probst was hilariously talking about the castaways’ balls and disks (admit it, you laughed), we got a new tribe name, listened in on poo chat, and had a Colton-free hour.  This combo created one of the most enjoyable episodes of Survivor: One World thus far.  More surprisingly, we actually got a full opening title sequence — sort of.  The first six contestants eliminated from the game weren’t featured in the opening at all.  I’m just happy we got one.  What else came in tonight’s episode?  Who was voted out?  Read on to find out!

A New Tribe Is Born

While sitting around the fire, Troy tossed the idea of naming the new tribe “Tikiano.”  He said “tiki” means God and “ano” means year.  Whatever.  It’s still way better than last season’s Te Tuna tribe.

But even though everyone was living together, there were definite divisions along tribal lines.  To try and gather momentum, Tarzan went and asked Michael if he would be willing to join with the rest of the guys and Alicia to pick off all the women.  Naturally, Michael agreed to join the alliance because “guys work better together.”  Then in confessional, Michael said he’s not in because “Tarzan drives me crazy.”

When Jonas got wind of this plan Tarzan had pitched to Michael, he was really upset because nobody had told him anything about the deal.  When he approached Tarzan about the situation, he said that “we need to consult as an alliance,” especially considering he felt Michael was the least-trustworthy guy to give that information to.  Tarzan snapped and called Jonas a “confused asshole” before threatening to drop out of the allegiance.  He even offered to “fall on the sword” because he doesn’t want to play the game so long that it becomes irritating.  As he stomped away like a spoiled child, Tarzan then turned to Jonas and told him how much he actually dislikes him.

Wow.  Tarzan, if you’re reading this, are you even aware this is a social game?  You are playing a game in which the people around you determine the fate of the winner.  Amazing.

A New Idol

Jay, Alicia, Chelsea, Sabrina, Troy and Christina won the Reward challenge as a team and enjoyed pizza and beer.  But more importantly, they were given a secret note to read together.  “Immunity is the only way to guarantee your safety in this game,” the note said.  “As part of your Reward for winning today’s challenge, only you six will know that there is yet another Idol hidden back at camp.”

The next morning, while everybody was sleeping in at camp, Troy went out early to hunt for the Idol.  Surprise!  The Idol was tucked away inside an obvious tree again and Troy found it without much apparent trouble whatsoever.  “Early bird gets the Idol and gets the power,” he exclaimed while excitedly wearing it around his neck in confessional.

I think Troy is really looking more and more like a strong contender to win the entire game — but I think Kim looks like a smarter player.

Disks & Balls

The Immunity challenge was an exact duplicate from one we saw on Survivor: Redemption Island.  Each castaway had to balance balls on a wooden disk all while standing on a small perch.  The “balls” and “disks” brought several hilarious comments from Jeff Probst as he yapped away during the challenge.  “Grab your balls, everybody is safe,” he said at the end of the first round.  I actually laughed out loud like an immature kid when Probst said, “Troyzan’s balls haven’t moved in a long time” and “Michael with balls hanging on both sides of his disk.”  Admit it, you giggled.  Don’t be too proud.  It was funny.

When it was all said and done, Troy walked away with the victory and was doped up about it, even declaring how cool it was to have Probst touching him in the process of putting the necklace on.  “It’s just crazy,” he said.

The Plan

Once the group was back at camp, the former Salani members thought Jonas should be their first target because of his strength in the game.  Huh?  Are they seeing the same guy we are?  Jonas hasn’t been the strongest in challenges and certainly isn’t a great strategist.  Other than being a social threat because of his likability, that actually comes as a surprise.  Kim was thrilled with the idea of taking Jonas out next because she was also keeping Alicia and Christina around a little longer just in case she wants to form another female alliance down the road.

But the plan to take Jonas out next hit a hurdle when Troy learned about the scheme.  He didn’t think it made any sense, so he actually went and told Jonas the tribe was plotting to vote him off next.  “I’m like the least-threatening guy here,” Jonas said in confessional.  See!  Even Jonas sees that he’s not a great competitor!  In an effort to save his own skin — and truly the first smart strategic move I’ve seen him make — Jonas went and apologized to Tarzan for their little spat.  After shaking hands, Tarzan was brought to “mild tears” because he felt like Jonas was really a good man.  In a new breath of life Tarzan pitched that they (Jonas, Troy and Leif) vote against Kat.  Uh, that’s only four votes.  Where’s the logic there?

Poo Battle

“It’s not poop.  It’s dirt.  I swear.”  Yup, this was actually a discussion at Tikiano as Tarzan tried to boil his dirty underwear in the tribe’s pot.  Although the rest of his tribe seemed pissed that he would want to boil his poo-stained undies in their pot, he kept promising them that it really wasn’t skid marks from his rump.  But if the brown stains were actually poop, he kept telling them anything icky would be killed off in the boiling process.  I mean, how could they question somebody with such a vast knowledge of microbes?

Poop or dirt, it’s just really gross.  Don’t you agree?

Cooked At Tribal Council

It didn’t take long for sparks to fly at Tribal Council when Jonas threw it out there that he should not be the target — especially considering he’s not as strong as Michael.  After Jonas then declared he would be voting against Michael, Tarzan angrily spoke up.  He was pissed that Jonas would throw Michael under the bus like that.  Jonas then stuck his foot deeper inside his mouth by telling his block of four that they didn’t have enough votes to take Kat out like they had planned.  Tarzan was really mad now and accused Jonas of lying about the entire plan about voting Kat out of the game.  “Jeff, I think we outta vote Jonas out,” Tarzan said.  “He’s worried about it, we might as well vote him out.  I’m sick of this. …  If they want to vote me off that’s fine.  I’m voting for Jonas tonight because of what he did.”

When the votes were read, two were against Michael.  The rest fell against Jonas, which made him the first member of the jury.  As he stood to leave the game, Jonas told Tarzan he had no hard feelings, but in spoiled-brat style, Tarzan said, “Hard feelings to you.”  Great move, Tarzan.  Leave the first member of the jury with that last impression of you.  When it comes to strategy, it seems Tarzan is a mix of Brandon Hantz and Phillip Sheppard — never knows when to keep his mouth shut and has no clue of self-awareness.

The votes also proved that Leif is still playing the game from the outside since he was the only person to stick with Jonas to vote against Michael.  At this point, it’s clear Leif is just going along for the ride with no idea what’s happening around him.  What a shame.

What did you think of the episode?  Do you think Tarzan can actually win the game?  Who do you want to see voted off next?  Wasn’t it nice watching an episode without having to see Colton?  Do you like the new tribe name?  Did you giggle at the sexual innuendos during the Immunity challenge?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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  1. granny panty Says:
    March 29th, 2012 at 7:49 am

    I am soooooooo relieved Colton got off the show Although like everyone else it would have been nice to see him blindsided it was a relief not to have to SEE HIS FACE AND HEAR THAT VOICE I cannot believe in this day and age that a little boy such as he actually speaks to and about people like he did His parents should be ashammed of themselves for raising such a person. And he should get a REAL JOB. p.s. PLEASE PLEASE DON’T BRING THAT SMALL MINDED PERSON BACK CAUSE THAT WILL BE THE LAST TIME I EVER WATCH SURVIVOR. THERE ARE BILLIONS OF PEOPLE OUT THERE TRY SOMEONE NEW AND MORE HUMANE


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