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Tabatha Takes Over Recap: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder?

March 28, 2012 02:32 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on Bravo, Tabatha Coffey is at it again, helping a salon in Atlanta, GA get back on track after its owner has all but bailed on the business. Will she be able to make a difference before the owner loses her salon and her home? Get all the highlights from the latest episode of Tabatha Takes Over after the jump.

Kim Krohn is the owner of Salon Deco, a 9-year-old establishment located in a suburb of Atlanta, GA. Admittedly, Kim has no desire to work at the salon, but after borrowing against her husband’s 401K, the business is still failing, and facing foreclosure, just like the family’s home, leaving Kim no options but to make her investment pay-off.

After surprising Kim and showing up at the salon, Tabatha learns that part of the problem is Kim’s absence. She’s only there about three days a week, spending more of her time at home with her two sons.

Kim’s practically chosen the salon over the family’s house, sinking more and more money into it, while the home remains in foreclosure.

But Kim’s “laid-back” attitude isn’t the only problem. Her employees spend their days at work flashing people, slacking off, and talking bad about her while she’s not there.

And there’s more….

During the staff meeting, Kim’s employees echo everything that Tabatha has already said. The bottom line: Kim just doesn’t want to be at the salon…and it shows.

The assessment proves that each of the staff members could use some education; especially Kim, who’s got everyone still using foil boards when doing highlights, leaving the clients to constantly pass the hairdressers foil during their treatments. Not professional at all!

With Kim not willing to budge on how much she’s at the salon, Tabatha tells her she’d be better off selling it and storms off before having a chat with Kim’s husband to see if he can get through to her.

He’s been extremely supportive of his wife’s dream, but now, he needs to help Kim realize that she needs to WORK.

To illustrate her point, Tabatha takes the couple to their home which she’s had boarded up and padlocked with a foreclosure sign out front. Kim’s husband is immediately brought to tears, which compels her to put forth the effort necessary to save both the house and the business.

A few lessons in teamwork from Atlanta’s Jungle Boogie, and some big renovations, and the ladies of Salon Deco are ready for a fresh new start.

At re-launch, everyone pulls together and does an excellent job, with Tabatha’s only recommendation being that Kim actually show up and give the business her all.

Six weeks later, things are still going well at Salon Deco, business is increasing, and Kim, having implemented all of Tabatha’s recommendations, is like a new person!

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