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The Voice Contestants Chat About The Final Battle Round

March 28, 2012 04:06 PM by Shayla Perry

They’ve battled their nerves, confidence issues, and their teammates, and still came out on top. Now, find out what the members of The Voice’s Teams Adam, Blake, Cee Lo and Christina had to say about the NBC reality show’s final Battle Round, including their thoughts on Cee Lo Green‘s emotional night.

On what they learned from their guest mentors….

James Massone (Team Cee Lo): “I learned with Ne-Yo, as you saw on the episode I was kind of low [on] confidence. He kind of built that up. And I had a lot of nerves going into it and we kind of worked on that and got over it and now I feel a little bit more confident in myself going into these live rounds.”

Moses Stone (Team Christina): One thing I learned from Lionel Richie was really to not hold back and he really just instilled the confidence in me in just singing and being on this show and really just told me to trust my instinct and don’t be afraid to be myself. And that definitely is going to help out a lot with my confidence in the live rounds and really make me just go stronger in the live rounds. So that’s what I learned from him the most.”

Karla Davis (Team Adam): Alanis [Morissette], I think the main thing that she tried to get across to me was to really not question what I can do. She really kind of pushed me like she pushed me to go up two full steps and I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to hit a note. And she really just said, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ and, ‘Don’t question yourself,’ and it really kind of helped re-instill that self-belief that I was lacking.”

Tony Vincent (Team Cee Lo): “I think what was really refreshing with my one on one with Babyface was that it was kind of like a little camaraderie, where it wasn’t actually like, ‘You need to work on this,’ or, ‘This would help you,’ but it was much more just sort of a comfort level in just being rooted in this song and you just kind of [are] exchanging some creative ideas and options. (…)”

Naia Kete (Team Blake): “I think the biggest thing that stood out for me about what Kelly [Clarkson] said was she told me that I have a really unique tone to my voice that’s really interesting and unlike any other and I think the biggest thing is just to own that and find confidence in that and use that in moving forward.”

Mathai (Team Adam): “I think Alanis [Morissette] showed me — her and Adam [Levine] both just showed me that I don’t have to change anything about who I am or what I am as an artist. I think what makes me me is that I can just be myself vocally and just know that I don’t have to change that and I can just be natural — and even personality-wise, even character-wise in this whole thing. I don’t change who I am because it’s that person that makes me who I am as an artist and if I changed that I would change everything about what draws people to my voice, I guess.”

On how the competition has changed their view of themselves as artists….

Moses Stone: “I feel like the competition has just showed me even more how diverse I am and just how much that I can push myself in some different genres and really just making it my own and kind of just interpret the music the way Moses Stone would interpret it. So I would say that this competition has definitely helped me with being more diverse and trying new things.”

Naia Kete: “I think more than anything it hasn’t necessarily changed how I viewed myself, but just solidified it and validated my artistry.

“I was basically singing and writing music since I could talk and this is something that I’ve always known that I’ve wanted and as an artist who really knows and understands who she is and what she wants and how she wants to be perceived. And the fact that I’ve come to this competition and found people — Blake being first and foremost who has truly gotten that — truly seen that is a great validation and just solidified me and that really boosts my confidence and gives me motivation and extra motivation and inspiration no matter what happens next.”

Tony Vincent: “My answer is actually quite similar to Naia’s because I come from a singer/songwriter background before I entered the Broadway world so it sort of validates my desire to return to being an artist in his own right and doing his own music again. So it’s been a huge, huge encourager of just where my heart has wanted to be — really the past ten years.”

James Massone: “Yes, mine is similar to Moses’ answer. It kind of opened me up to like good music. I probably would never have sang a Cyndi Lauper song or anything like that. It’s growing me. I feel like I’m maturing as a singer. Throughout this competition, the songs that Cee Lo’s going to be picking — I’m guessing I’m going to be more out of my box or more out of my comfort zone, so I’m excited to see what he gives to me as I go on through the competition.”

Karla Davis: “I think for me this has really been a huge kind of journey of self-discovery and seeing myself in a completely different way, not only as an artist, but as a person.

“I think Adam is really pushing me outside of my comfort zone and now I kind of like that. I really like sort of surprising people, surprising viewers and surprising myself, and it’s [already] been this huge booster for my confidence. And I don’t think I would’ve gotten this opportunity anywhere else, and I would never get to sit down in a room with amazing artists and find myself.

“I haven’t been singing very long and so now is the perfect time for me to really discover exactly who I am. And I think I’m grateful for that. And also it doesn’t hurt to be surrounded by 23 other artists that are just incredible and I think if you surround yourself [with] talent like that, you can’t help but improve.”

Mathai: “I think what I learned from all of this is how much I love it because I’ve always sung, but I never really thought that it was something that held a spot so dear in my heart that I would take it so far and just like singing and being — Karla said being with 23 other talented artists.

“And it’s just made me realize how much I want to do this and how much I want to be out there singing and writing and just putting stuff out there for people to hear and benefit from. Yes, just realizing how much I really want this.”

On Cee Lo’s emotional night….

James Massone: “I mean, it’s not really hard to make Cee Lo cry. I mean, Tony can say the same thing. He’s kind of like a big teddy bear. It’s just the music touches him a lot and makes me think like he really cares about our team.

“Showing that emotion — it’s great to see an artist to have a song touch him that much. But yes, like I said, he’s an emotional dude and it’s great to see him express himself in that way.”

Tony Vincent: “You know, one of the things I think I was most impressed about when I had the chance to first start this working relationship with Cee Lo is just his vast music knowledge.

“He has a huge catalog of music history in his brain, and if you can touch a man from a song that he’s probably heard hundreds of times and actually really bring him to tears in an authentic way — I mean, none of that stuff you saw last night was …whether it was James and WADE or me and Justin, that was not put on.

“This man is passionate about music, which I’m sure you can say the same thing, James, that we’re with the right guy that we’re supposed to be with. Anybody who has that sort of passion towards music is a guy that I want to be associated with.”

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