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Punk’d Recap: Rob Dyrdek’s Too Smart For Justin Bieber’s Prank

March 29, 2012 08:36 PM by Shayla Perry

After a long wait (and lots of hype), Punk’d has returned to MTV, kicking off an all-new season with pop superstar Justin Bieber at the helm. What does the Biebs have in store for celeb pals Taylor Swift, Rob Dyrdek, and Sean Kingston, and how does the “Never Say Never” singer turn the tables on co-host Miley Cyrus? Find out everything you missed after the jump.

He’s toured the world performing before hundreds of thousands of screaming fans, but when Justin Bieber was asked to serve as a host for MTV’s reboot of Punk’d, the popstar was admittedly a little nervous.

Still, Bieber had no trouble at all volunteering his good friend Taylor Swift as his first victim.

After calling to invite her to write some lyrics with him at a beach house in Malibu, a clueless Swift walks into the trap, as Justin and his friends begin launching fireworks toward the ocean.

With more and more “survivors” swimming ashore, Taylor starts freaking out, trying to find a number to call the Coast Guard (she thinks fast on her feet) as the bride thanks her for the “sign” that she shouldn’t get married and the groom screams at her for ruining his life.

Thankfully, before she has a complete meltdown, Justin rushes in to tell Taylor that she’s been Punk’d, and we have to admit, we kinda missed hearing those words!

Justin’s second target, Rob Dyrdek, is a bigger challenge, since he’s “in the loop” and knew about the show’s return. This time, Justin’s working behind the scenes, directing all of the players, as  Dyrdek sits down for a meeting at a restaurant.

As he’s waiting, he overhears a man yelling at his assistant, throwing the car keys at her and telling her to get the car.

Immediately, Rob asks if they’re on a TV show and if he’s being Punk’d, noticing that the “lighting’s too good” and the whole scene looks fake (we’re glad the celebs are getting smarter!).

On to Plan B!

Since Rob is un-Punk-able, he and Justin call in Sean Kingston, and try to run the prank on him.

Unfortunately for Sean, it works, and after the assistant crashes the car into the restaurant, her “boss” accuses the three celebs of encouraging her to do it.

Sean is shocked and starts defending them, telling the man that he disrespected the woman. Before things get too heated, the crew rushes in to tell him that he, too, has been Punk’d.

This season, there’s a new element of the show called “The Switcharoo,” where the celeb hosts think that they’re pulling a prank on someone else, and end up being the ones who are getting Punk’d.

Justin is starting off The Switcharoo, pranking co-host Miley Cyrus, who has no idea that Justin is involved with the show and thinks she’s working behind the scenes as Bieber walks into a recording studio and is heckled by a group of skaters who he ends up fighting.

Everyone scrambles to stop the prank, and Justin flees the scene. When Miley runs out to see if she can find him, worried that he’s going to be mad at her, Bieber comes back and lets her know that he cannot be Punk’d.

We have a feeling those words are going to come back to haunt him though.

Tell us RTVM, what did you think of the Punk’d reboot? How did Justin Bieber do as the host? Sound off in the Comments section below. We want to hear from you!

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