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Heejun Han Chats About His ‘American Idol’ Experience

March 30, 2012 05:52 PM by Shayla Perry

His goal was to make the audience laugh and have a good time, but when Heejun Han was voted off of FOX‘s American Idol, the laughter turned to tears, with an emotional send-off from his BFF in the competition, Phillip Phillips. In an interview with reporters today, however, Han  revealed that his Idol journey almost didn’t end last night. Which of the judges fought to save him, and what’s next for Heejun Han?

Here’s what Heejun Han had to say in his recent interview with reporters:

On his near-save from Jennifer Lopez

“She came up to me with the teary eyes and said, ‘I was convincing them to save you, but I lost.’ But only her vote counts for me I guess, but Randy and Steven can just…whatever.”

On Steven Tyler‘s critic of his performance of Billy Joel‘s “My Life”….

“We had our different perspectives. I was trying to give a fun time to America because I thought it would be entertaining and fun. Maybe he took it wrong, but I can’t please everyone.”

On his advice to future Idol hopefuls….

“Do not try this at home. I’m just kidding. Singing competition, model competition, anything. When it comes down to competition, it’s literally just saying you’re competing against each other. It’s the Hunger Games, but it’s not killing each other. Why do you always have to be so serious when only one person is going to survive? You might as well have fun and have a thick skin and stay true to yourself.”

On Phillip Phillip’s tears when he was eliminated….

“I think he was faking it. I’m kidding. We were best friends since day one and I really, really wish him the best of luck because he has what it takes. I’m pretty sure he’s going to do well. I didn’t cry because I didn’t want to cry, so I left the mansion really early on purpose because I knew I was going to be emotional.”

On the pair’s special “bromance”….

“Phillip and I had a different perspective toward the competition. He really, really loves music and he really, really wanted to make a career out of it because he loves the music itself. I started off this competition to help my kids out, so our goal was not to become ultimate, huge, successful mega-superstar; our goal was really humble, so that’s where we connected I guess.”

On his sitcom aspirations….

“[Randy Jackson] grabbed me and said, ‘Dude, you are a great singer, but, dawg ,you have to be in a sitcom!’ … It should be an Asian guy who’s trying to go out with a really pretty blond girl [laughs]. Of course, I’m not going to be picky about anything. I really want to make something out of this.”

On the possibility of more singing competitions in his future….

“I’m not doing any more competitions…except for America’s Next Top Model.”

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