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Kitchen Nightmares Recap: Zocalo Loco!

March 30, 2012 07:09 PM by Shayla Perry

Tonight on FOX, it’s the season finale of Kitchen Nightmares, and this time, Gordon Ramsay is heading to Philadelphia to deal with another pair of owners whose restaurant and marriage are in danger. Can Chef Ramsay save them both before it’s too late?

Greg and Mary Russell met when they were both working at Zocalo, later purchasing the restaurant in 2008.

Originally, Greg thought that they’d be partners, running the business together, but Mary is only there three days a week, and when she is there, she makes it very difficult for everyone else to function.

Chef Ramsay arrives at the West Philly restaurant and after a chat with the couple he sees that Greg and Mary obviously have different opinions as to what’s going wrong at Zocalo.

A problem that Chef Ramsay notices immediately when sampling the menu is that the prices are very high; so high that the servers can’t recommend a dish, because they’re too expensive for them to eat.

Mary tells the chef that it’s Greg who came up with the prices, but he later finds out that Mary lied, and she’s the one behind the sky-high menu prices.

Chef Ramsay says that the food at Zocalo is horrendous, but what do the locals think?

At the dinner service, the dishes are coming out slow because Greg insists on doing everything himself, and when it finally gets to the tables, the customers are less than impressed with the high-priced dinners.

After the dinner service, Chef Ramsay pulls Greg aside, telling him that if he didn’t know their story, he’d never know that the two of them were married, and that Mary doesn’t support him at all.

The next day, Chef Ramsay has a chat with Mary and their daughters who work at the restaurant, with Greg watching on a computer in another room.

Chef Ramsay explains that the business cannot survive without everyone’s support, but Mary says that she can’t offer that support because she simply doesn’t want to spend her life at the restaurant. When the chef asks if she’s at least still in love with her husband, Mary admits that she loves Greg very much, and he comes in, with everyone agreeing to communicate better, and ask for help when they need it.

To help them out, Chef Ramsay has armed the kitchen with a brand new menu, range, a new POS system for Greg and the waitstaff, and two students enrolled in Drexel’s culinary school to provide some much needed assistance as well.

Everything starts working well, until Mary’s yelling and nagging gets the kitchen behind with orders.

After a talk with Chef Ramsay, a different Mary returns to the kitchen, more helpful, and willing to do what it takes to make the service go over successfully.

It looks like these two – and their restaurant – are going to make it afterall.

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