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Dancing With The Stars Most Over The Top Costume Has Fringes

April 03, 2012 06:32 PM by Christine McDow

Last night on Dancing with the Stars, the dancers did themed dances built around a time in their life that brought back memories and was important to them. Picking the most over the top costume this week was easy, considering most of the stars and their professional dance partners looked great. However, there was one couple that had I shaking our head in what could only be described as a trend from the past that should never come back. Who was it? Keep reading to find out!

Runner up was definitely Cheryl Burke and William Levy (pictured above). We just couldn’t get over that blue, paisley headband. However, the worst costume belonged to Roshon Fegan who is partnered with Chelsie Hightower. We know the inspiration for him was The Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson so yes, the costume matched the theme, but did anyone really want to see the brown, leather jacket with fringe again?

Yes, it was that bad. We cringed when we had to look at the fringe. Not to mention the afro! It was impossible to even concentrate on the dance when you had pieces of leather flying everywhere. However there is hope. So far contestants are 50/50 on being sent home after being announced the winner of the worst costume. Jack Wagner made a great come back during week two and three after having a terrible costume during week one. However, Martina Navratilova was not nearly as lucky after week two and was sent home.

Do you want to see Roshon Fegan survive another week to try to impress us with his next costume? Comment below and let us know. If you missed the performance or just have to see it again (maybe to laugh even more) check out the video below!

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