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The Biggest Loser Recap: Makeover Week!

April 03, 2012 07:00 PM by Shayla Perry

It’s Makeover Week on The Biggest Loser! Which of the six remaining contestants on the NBC reality competition will undergo the most drastic transformation? PLUS, First Lady Michelle Obama extends a special invitation. Keep reading for all the highlights of tonight’s show.

This week on The Biggest Loser, Conda, still upset over her decision to send Megan home, has a tearful talk with Jeremy about why she chose to keep Mark in the competition.

The tears quickly turn to smiles though as Conda talks about meeting her weigh-in goal last week, and she’s motivated to keep losing. Besides, with only a few weeks left, she’ll see Megan again soon enough.

Later, Alison Sweeney meets the contestants outdoors, where they find life-sized photos of their “former selves” mounted to windows. For their challenge, the contestants must race up a cargo net, grab a baseball, hurry to load the ball into a slingshot and fire it at their window. The player to break both panes of glass in their window first, is the winner and will receive a one pound advantage during the weigh-in.

But that’s not all. The person who comes in last during the challenge will have a pound added to their weigh-in number.

Knowing that one pound has made a difference in the last few weigh-ins, all of the players are determined to win, but it’s Buddy who manages to break both panes first and gets the advantage.

One by one, the contestants begin to break through their panes, but Conda ends up coming in last.

She’s not happy about the one pound disadvantage, but Alison Sweeney’s announcement that the contestants have made it to Makeover Week puts a big smile on her face.

When they meet up with stylist Jeannie Mai, the contestants are surprised to hear that this will be the biggest Makeover Week in BL history. And to start it all off, a special invitation from a style icon in her own right, First Lady Michelle Obama, who asks the contestants to come to the White House to meet her and reveal their new looks.

The opportunity has Kim in tears, who realizes that 88 pounds ago, she probably would’ve turned down the amazing invitation.

Before helping them pick out their “presidential” looks, Jeannie first shows each of the players mannequins dressed in their old clothes. Then, they all find the perfect ensembles to wear for their meeting with the First Lady.

Next, it’s time for the hair! At celeb stylist Ken Paves’ salon, Conda is making a big change — chopping off her long locks and donating them to Locks of Love.

Finally ready for their big reveals, the contestants head to D.C., where trainers Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince are waiting at the White House.

Mark, who’s looking mighty handsome with a fresh shave and spiffy new suit, is first, and after talking to Bob and Dolvett, he’s surprised by his family.

A noticeably younger looking Chris is next, and her kids are speechless when they see her transformation.

For Buddy, getting to see his wife and sons has been the best part of his BL experience.

Conda and Jeremy are next, and their family doesn’t even recognize Jeremy 120+ pounds lighter.

And Kim’s kids are simply blown away by her new look — as are the trainers, who note that she’s ready for the finale.

Next week, the players and their families meet Michelle Obama, and the First Lady gets a Biggest Loser-style workout!

What did you think of tonight’s makeovers? Who had the biggest transformation? Share your thoughts in the Comments Section below.

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