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Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: The Casting Couch

April 04, 2012 08:30 PM by Martha Zaborowski

On last week’s episode of Million Dollar Listing on Bravo, viewers watched Fredrick Eklund smell blood at Michael Lorber‘s broker’s open and Ryan Serhant’s listing party. Does the shark try to sniff out his competition this week? Keep reading to find out!

Ryan is interrupted by a phone call from his assistant Dina while he is being entranced by his image in the mirror. Narcissus and Dorian Gray got nothing on you, Ryan Babe. Apparently the doorman cannot let Dina in because Ryan’s safety is often broached by female visitors. Ladies, are you lining out the door to date Ryan yet? Ryan gets an “ultimate bachelor pad” listing on 22nd street. Certainly Ryan would know how to sell this. He decides to take pictures of the pad with hot models in them. “I’m so good at what I do,” Ryan modestly realizes.

Michael goes to meet his client that Fredrick approached last episode. Fredrick is there, and the client would like Michael and Fredrick to co-list. Fredrick thinks Michael will learn a lot from him, and uh, he’s open to learn from him, he giggles Swedish-ly. Unfortunately Michael starts off his business meeting with Fredrick by educating him on the advantages of Botox treatment on sweating, which is not the kind of schooling Fredrick probably hoped to receive from Michael. They then talk commission and agree on 50/50.

Ryan is having his “casting couch” photo shoot at the Chelesea apartment. “Note to self: model casting for every listing for now on.” He decides on a lovely lady named Kelsey as the main model and asks her out for dinner too.

Michael and Fredrick start planning their listing party, and Fredrick decides it’s going to be a Mexican fiesta at Park Avenue! He also leaves out Michael’s name as the agent on the invitation to the party. They start co-calling invitees, and they seem like they’re finally getting along. But at the Mexican fiesta listing party, they don’t seem to be acting as amigos quite as much. Michael feels as if he’s Fredrick’s assistant.

Despite how well Ryan and Kelsey’s date was, Kelsey is acting a little too cozy around Ryan at their photo shoot. Ryan decides the best way to treat her is to ignore her and salivate over the other models. Dog. Kelsey ditches the shoot. Ryan then has an open house and really tries to sell the “party palace” lifestyle. He gets an offer for $20,000 a month, but the listing is for $25,000 a month. Ryan works his mojo and gets the buyer and seller to agree to $23,000 a month. Next week: Michael is fed up with Fredrick, and he’s not taking it anymore.

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