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Punk’d Recap: Gym, Tan, Negotiation

April 05, 2012 08:54 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on Punk’d, Jackass star Bam Margera takes over the hosting chair, pranking rapper-producer Tyler, The Creator, Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey, and Ronnie from MTV‘s Jersey Shore. Keep reading for all of the highlights from tonight’s show.

Bam Margera is back, and this time, he’s showing the youngster’s how it’s done as he takes over operations at Punk’d.

His first victim? Tyler, The Creator.

With Wee Man as his accomplice, Bam invites Tyler to what he thinks is a charity auction, where a taco truck covered in autographs will be sold to the highest bidder. After signing the truck, Tyler and the gang start heading back into the warehouse, and all of a sudden, the truck blows up.

When a man covered in flames emerges from the truck, Tyler does what any good citizen would do — grabs his cell phone and starts taking pictures. But when fingers start pointing in his direction, blaming him for the blaze and ruining the charity event, Tyler’s not smiling anymore.

Just as he starts trying to figure out how he can get another truck and cover it with celebrity signatures, the crew rushes in to tell Tyler that he’s been Punk’d.

Next up, Ronnie from The Jersey Shore.

Stopping at a convenient store with his stylist who says that she needs to run in to pick up some er– feminine products, Ronnie and a few of his friends wait in the parking lot, only to be surprised when the police arrive and pull them out of the vehicle, telling them that the silent alarm in the store was activated.

As he’s explaining to the cops why they’re there, Ronnie gets a call from his stylist inside the store, who tells him that there’s a man holding everyone hostage. The robber grabs the phone and suddenly, Ronnie is playing the role of the negotiator, and soooo nervous.

When his friend slips and tells the man that Ronnie isn’t in construction as he said, but on a reality show, he decides that instead of a helicopter, he just wants to meet the star, and asks for him to come into the store.

Scared out of his mind and escorted by the “police officers,” Ronnie eases into the store and almost loses it when Bam and his stylist run out and let him know that he was Punk’d.

The final prank of the night….

Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey, who’s simply trying to get a quick bite to eat from a local drive-through, but his fast food service comes to a halt when the person ahead of him gets out of his car to go inside and complain about his order. As the person in the car behind Tyler honks his horn in anger, the “customer” inside threatens the actor, thinking that it’s him.

The scene gets more chaotic when Tyler realizes that the person at the window gave him change for a 20, when he paid for his $12 order with a hundred dollar bill. Frustrated with all of the yelling and honking, the man at the window jumps outside and starts breaking the headlights of the car behind Tyler. Suddenly, the cameras are revealed and Tyler finds out that he, too, has been Punk’d.

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