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DeAndre Brackensick Talks About His American Idol Experience

April 06, 2012 01:30 PM by Lisa Princ

This week it was 80′s week on FOX, as the Top 8 American Idol finalists took on hits from the 80′s, and last night it was DeAndre Brackensick who was eliminated. DeAndre spoke with reporters today about his Idol experience, and how “bittersweet” his elimination was. Read on for more on what DeAndre had to say!

This week on American Idol, the contestants took on songs of the 1980′s, and DeAndre Brackensick found himself in the bottom, despite having a great performance. Although the audience and Jennifer Lopez wanted to save DeAndre, Randy and Steven did not agree and the young singer was sent packing. DeAndre spoke to the media earlier about his experience – check out his interview below!

Question: Do you think that Jimmy Iovine was hard on you with his critique?

DeAndre Brackensick: No, not at all. Everyone has their own opinions. It’s going to come from Jimmy, it’s going to come from my fans, my friends, or my family. I have much for him for doing that – I respect him. I tried to prove him wrong, and he helped me in the long run.

Question: Who were you talking to last night before singing your goodbye song?

DeAndre Brackensick: That was to my sister because she was crying. I’ve accomplished so much, why be sad for things I’ve done? Why dwell on something that didn’t happen instead of enjoying what has?

Question: Did your elimination surprise you?

DeAndre Brackensick: That vote was bittersweet because I thought I did a very good job the night before, but it happened anyway. I can’t really explain the feelings, it was just more of a numbness because I was happy for myself, but I didn’t want to go.

Question: Did you speak to the judges last night?

DeAndre Brackensick: The judges came and talked to me, and I talked to everyone when I was packing up. It was all love. Everyone’s amazing there.

Question: What’s the best advice you have been given on the show?

DeAndre Brackensick: Definitely to be yourself. Once you please yourself, you’re good. The judges voted me in because they love me, so why would I change myself?

Question: What was it like meeting Eric Benet?

DeAndre Brackensick: It was the highlight of my American Idol experience. He’s a big inspiration to me as an artist.

Question: What are your thoughts on Jimmy Iovine’s negative feedback?

DeAndre Brackensick: It was fine. People have their own opinions. It comes along with the gift and with the ride. It’s all in love and I take everything to heart – it makes me want to drive further. I love the judges. They’ve always been supporting me from the beginning. When I was eliminated, it ended on a high note. I have absolutely no regrets.

Question: Did you ask the judges why they did not save you?

DeAndre Brackensick: I didn’t ask, because people have their reasons. I think because I was a wild-card, I thought maybe this was my second chance from last year, then my second chance being a wild-card, and there are only so many second chances. I think they believe in me that I don’t need the whole show to be who I want to be.

Question: Jennifer Lopez called you a shining star, and then you were voted off the show. Why do you think that is?

DeAndre Brackensick: My voice and my style is not popular these days. I’m trying to bring something back and it’s not quite there yet in this generation. Also, everyone else is just so good. Someone has to go home every single week. I just want to be grateful for this experience.

Question: What is in your future?

DeAndre Brackensick: The tour and hopefully getting a record deal out of this. I will grab on to anything: acting, modeling, whatever it is.

Question: What would your record sound like?

DeAndre Brackensick: R&B, Soul, the falsetto, the old stuff…because I think music is really lacking that right now. I want to bring back instruments because in this day and age, everything’s computers.

Question: What did you learn about yourself while on the show?

DeAndre Brackensick: I learned that I am able to be at that level with everyone else, because it took me a long time to realize that I’m in this competition with everyone else. My idol came over and told me I did a good job with one of his songs. I can do what I want to do. I have that confidence now.

Best of luck to DeAndre Brackensick. Stay tuned next week as the finalists take the stage again for your votes!

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