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The Amazing Race Recap: She Said What?

April 08, 2012 07:24 PM by Lisa Princ

Last time on CBSAmazing Race, the teams tackled Baku, Azerbaijan, where Joey and Danny decided to go head to head with Rachel and Dave in a fast forward challenge, and lost, costing them their chance at a million dollars. Tonight, the remaining teams were back and headed to Africa, but more importantly: who made Rachel Reilly cry tonight? No, we are not kidding, the claws came out tonight! Read on for all the highlights.

The Amazing Race kicked off tonight as the teams were headed to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (Africa). Before they could even started in the air, tempers flared as Rachel and Brendon got into it with Vanessa and Ralph, because one of them supposedly flipped the other off.  It was so quick, I am not sure if it was Brendon who flipped Ralph off, or vice versa. Art and J.J. added fuel to the fire, as it is no secret that not many people like Brendon and Rachel. Vanessa’s claws came out as she went so far to tell Rachel that she was older than she, but she looked younger than Rachel, and then she proceeded to tell Rachel that she needed to have her nose done. Of course, in typical Rachel Reilly style, she broke down in tears, whining to Brendon about Vanessa.

At the same time, Art and J.J., who took it upon themselves to tell everyone else that Nary and Jaime were not teachers, confronted Nary and Jaime about their real occupation. Despite the fact that Art and J.J. were certain that Nary and Jaime were some sort of law enforcement officers, Nary and Jaime denied it, and went on their merry way. Everyone then headed on their flights to Africa, and from there, they had to board private flights, two teams at a time to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. We got a glimpse of the beautiful scenery there, over the mountains, and the teams put aside their differences – for a few moments anyway!

Then it was time for the detour on The Amazing Race, which went tribal! This week, the teams were either going to be shooting a target or jumping with the tribes in Africa! But first, they had to make their way to the village on old bicycles, which proved to be a task in itself for some. Oddly, not many of the teams chose the easier task, which was jumping with a tribe for one minute. Bopper and Mark, as well as Rachel and Dave both took on this task, and it gave them a good head start on the other teams.

Meanwhile, Rachel Reilly struggled with the bike ride, but they managed to stay right behind J.J. and Art. Hitting a target did not prove as easy as they all thought, and most of the teams seemed to struggle with it. The target was moving on a bicycle wheel, and each team member had to break one of them. Rachel and Brendon and Art and J.J. finally finished up, just as Nary and Jaime and Vanessa and Ralph were approaching. Vanessa struggled with the bicycle ride to the village though, and she fell off the bike several times – karma for what she said to Rachel, perhaps?

The next task for the teams was putting together a tent, but not just any tent, a tent complete with a working shower! Rachel and Dave were the first ones there, and the first ones to finish, despite some bickering. Vanessa and Ralph were the last ones there because Vanessa could not ride her bike back to the car, so they walked. Art and J.J. wound up getting lost, but they still managed to get there before a few others teams and got their tent up quickly. Bopper and Mark were the second team to finish their tent, and Art and J.J. were determined not to let anyone else come before them.

Rachel and Dave checked in first tonight, followed by Bopper and Mark. Art and J.J. completed their tent just seconds before Rachel and Brendon, giving them third place tonight, and giving Rachel and Brendon fourth place. When Phil asked Rachel and Brendon about the drama this week, Rachel said she would not let Vanessa affect her anymore – yeah, we’ll see. Nary and Jaime really struggled with the tent, blaming it on “lack of manpower,” and they were even beat out by Vanessa and Ralph, who were the last ones to start the tent.

Vanessa and Ralph finished in fifth place tonight, and Nary and Jaime took some time to enjoy the scenery on the way back, since they knew they were headed home. When asked about the drama with Rachel and Brendon, Vanessa made it very clear that there was no love loss and she had no intentions of befriending them. Meanwhile, when Nary and Jaime checked in with Phil Keoghan, he advised them that this week was a non elimination leg, and they would be returning for one more week!

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