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The Voice Recap: Teams Adam & Cee Lo Go LIVE!

April 09, 2012 08:10 PM by Shayla Perry

It’s Week 2 of The Voice‘s Live shows and this time, the artists from Team Adam and Team Cee Lo are performing for your votes. Keep reading for all of the highlights from tonight’s episode of the NBC reality competition PLUS, everything you need to know to cast your vote for the artists U LOVE.

The first performer of the night is 34-year-old insurance worker, Katrina Parker from Team Adam, singing “Tonight, Tonight.” The performance, though good, is slightly pitchy for Christina Aguilera, and Cee Lo Green doesn’t quite agree with the song selection, but Adam Levine is proud of Katrina’s restraint and her ability to deliver just as he asked her to do.

Team Cee Lo’s Cheesa is next, out to prove that she belongs, she’s performing the 70s hit, “Don’t Leave Me This Way.” Blake Shelton is impressed with her Solid Gold-like performance, and everyone agrees that it screamed Cee Lo, but Adam worries that with all of the great talent this season, Cheesa may not last too long. Not surprisingly, Cee Lo disagrees.

Fan fave Tony Lucca hits the stage with “In Your Eyes.” After a pretty harsh critique from Christina, who says that she worries that Tony is “one dimensional” and that there’s better talent in the competition, Adam tells his team member that he’s in awe of his ability to tackle the Peter Gabriel song with such ease.

Next, another artist from Team Adam, Kim Yarbrough who’s decided to take on “Rolling In The Deep.” It’s okay, but as the judges point out, there were a lot of issues throughout, and well, no one is Adele!

Team Cee Lo’s Boston boy James Massone is taking on Norah Jones‘ “Don’t Know Why.” Cee Lo is beaming with pride after James’ performance, which the audience could hardly hear with all of the screaming girls — and Blake who admittedly wanted to throw his own panties onto the stage.

Juliet Simms is next, doing “Roxanne” by The Police. After a performance that has the coaches on their feet, Adam admits that it’s the best so far, and Christina says that Juliet’s voice is “doooope.”

How do you follow that one?!

Can Team Adam’s Mathai top Juliet’s powerful performance with “Ordinary People”?

It’s a tad “loungey” for Christina, but the slow pace and quiet music allows Mathai to show off her true vocal ability, which is undeniable.

Up next, Team Cee Lo’s Tony Vincent. The proud new papa is singing “Everybody Wants to Rule The World.” The performance is a little subdued, and Christina thinks that maybe the song choice wasn’t the best for Tony’s voice, for which Cee Lo apologizes.

Karla Davis from Team Adam is next, singing “Airplanes.” Again, the other coaches disagree with the song choice, thinking that the lyrics caused her to whisper through most of it, but Adam thinks that perhaps it was a small case of stage fright.

Team Cee Lo’s Erin Martin takes on “Walk Like An Egyptian.” Blake is distracted by the male strippers, but Christina and Cee Lo agree that Erin could’ve put more power into her performance.

The last artist from Team Adam is Pip, singing “When You Were Young.” Christina thinks that he struggled with the band, and Adam adds that he’s still coming across as too “trustworthy,” which in this case, is a bad thing.

Closing out the night from Team Cee Lo is Jamar Rogers who’s performing “Are You Gonna Go My Way?”. All of the coaches are blown away (though Blake’s still having trouble with all the props). Does Jamar have your vote?

***Voting Information***


Katrina Parker – 1-866-U-LOVE-01 (1-866-856-8301)

Tony Lucca – 1-866-U-LOVE-03 (1-866-856-8303)

Kim Yarbrough – 1-866-U-LOVE-04 (1-866-856-8304)

Mathai – 1-866-U-LOVE-07 (1-866-856-8307)

Karla Davis – 1-866-U-LOVE-09 (1-866-856-8309)

 Pip — 1-866-U-LOVE-11 (1-866-856-8311)


Cheesa – 1-866-U-LOVE-02 (1-866-856-8302)

James Massone -1-866-U-LOVE-05 (1-866-856-8305)

Juliet Simms – 1-866-U-LOVE-06 (1-866-856-8306)

 Tony Vincent – 1-866-U-LOVE-08 (1-866-856-8308)

Erin Martin – 1-866-U-LOVE-10 (1-866-856-8310)

Jamar Rogers – 1-866-U-LOVE-12 (1-866-856-8312)

In addition to calling in your vote, you can also support your favorite artists by downloading their songs from tonight on iTunes, voting on the new Facebook app, or texting (texting option for Sprint users only).

Remember, voting ends at 10|9c tomorrow morning, so vote now, and vote often, THEN tune in tomorrow night at 9|8c for the results, when two members of each team will be eliminated.

Who are you voting for? Tell us in the Comments section below!

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  1. Carol Rohde Says:
    April 11th, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    I don’t normally watch The Voice, but I don’t think the judges or contestants look in the mirror closely enough before they appear on TV. The eyelashes are way over the top, as well as the cleavage. Over 50% of the audience is female, nobody wants to look at these overdone eyeslashes or boobs hanging out (Christine A.). Other reality shows are guilty of the same mistake, Celebrity Apprentice, etc. Americans are sick of the excess.


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