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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Bowling And Boobs

April 10, 2012 07:18 PM by Megan Thompson


The Real Housewives Of Orange County is all new tonight on Bravo. Heather Dubrow has decided to class-up bowling by throwing a champagne bowling party. While the girls are bowling, Tamra Barney is recovering from having her breast implants removed. Keep reading for all the details from tonight’s RHOC.

Tamra stops by Heather’s house for a little girl chat and to give “fancy pants” some credit for finishing the mud run.  Heather then tells Tamra about her couples bowling and “champs” party she plans to throw.  “Champagne isn’t even fancy enough for her, she has to change it,” Tamra jokes.  The girls then chat about how Vicki and Gretchen haven’t been in the same room since the whole Bunko debacle.  Tamra isn’t sure Vicki will even go to the party, since Vicki spends all her free time with Brooks.  A girl has to fill up her love tank (gag).  What’s interesting is that Tamra doesn’t fully trust Brooks’ intentions with Vicki.  “He’s so charming, you just think – bullshit,” Tamra says about Brooks.  Can you say future catfight?

Speaking of Vicki and Brooks, the two are sharing a lunch together.  Brooks can work remotely from California, so the two can spend more time together.  Vicki has to constantly remind us how busy she is, so she grabs for her purse to get the phone.  Brooks was sneaky and stuck a love note in her purse.   “Brooks is totally romantic, it’s never too much. I’m like a sponge…it soaks into my soul. All my tanks are full,” Vicki gushes about Brooks.  Then Brooks takes this romantic lunch and turns it into a financial conversation.  Brooks is curious about how Don and Vicki are splitting their assets. Vicki rambles off on what she and Don are splitting and what she is going to have to sell.  Why is Brooks so concerned with Vicki’s financials?

Alexis is back on her feet after her nose/sinus surgery - and she is back at work.  “Jim has been amazingly supportive, it was hard for him at first, but he gets it now.  We have a new family dynamic,” Alexis shares.  As Alexis is walking onto set, she is practicing the names of the people she is interviewing.  Once on camera, Alexis pronounces the doctor’s name wrong and the doctor has to correct her. The interview goes from bad to worse, when Alexis talks over all the people she should be interviewing.  It is actually painful to watch.

It’s the day of Tamra’s surgery; she is having her breast implants taken out.  Like a typical man, Eddie is going to miss Tamra’s big boobs.  It’s a sad day for Eddie, because “he is just used to them.”  As Tamra is wheeled to the operating room, Eddie kisses her goodbye.

“Where’s my boobs,” Tamra says when she wakes up in the recovery room.  Gretchen actually shows up with gifts for Tamra in the recovery room. 

Alexis and Jim head out for a date night.  Jim has Alexis order dinner for him, shouldn’t it be the other way around?  Jim starts talking about becoming “one flesh” when they got married.  Jim thinks that the woman should stay home, so he is torn about Alexis working so much.  ”Jim like me at home and in an apron, I don’t want to be a stay-at-home mom now, so I don’t know what to do,” Alexis tells the cameras.  Jim thinks they should pray about it. Can she pray for a new husband? 

“I love the extremes, I love the idea of having a bowling party and serving champagne,” Heather shares.  Sarah, Gretchen’s friend shows up to the party, and Heather isn’t too pleased.  Vicki walks in and hugs Gretchen like nothing happened between the two of them.  To raise the stakes, Heather has brought an extra bottle of Cristal for the winner.  After Gretchen specifically said she didn’t want to talk to Vicki about anything tonight, Sarah goes and confronts Vicki.  Vicki tries to walk away and Sarah starts to yell at her.  “Who do you think you are?” Sarah asks Vicki.  I think Sarah has had too much champs for one night.  Even Gretchen is embarrassed by Sarah’s actions. It seems you can add champagne to bowling, but it doesn’t make it any classier for these ladies. 

What did you think of tonight’s RHOC episode?  Let us know, leave a comment below. 

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