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American Idol Recap: Top 7 Perform Songs From Past Three Years

April 11, 2012 07:01 PM by Candace Young

Last week on FOX‘s American Idol, the contestant with the great hair, DeAndre Brackensick, came to the end of the road. Judges Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson opted not to save him, though Jennifer Lopez wanted to keep DeAndre around another week. Tonight, the Top 7 remaining contestants will perform songs from the last three years live with Akon as their celebrity mentor. Keep reading for highlights and judges’ comments…

Tonight’s episode kicks off with Ryan Seacrest introducing the Top 7 American Idol finalists and then showing footage of Tommy Hilfiger helping to take them to ‘the next level’ this past week.

Skylar Laine has chosen a song by past Idol contestant Kellie Pickler. Jimmy and Akon are impressed in practice.  Skylar plays guitar and belts out Didn’t You Know – she owns it! Randy says this song is so in her wheelhouse – he felt it! Crazy hot! Jennifer and Randy agree it was perfect pitch too. Jennifer says she really nailed and looked beautiful! Steven loves the way she sings – just great!

Colton Dixon has decided to perform I Love The Way You Lie tonight. He delivers his own unique twist on the tune accompanying himself on piano and playing a slowed down arrangement. It has a haunting and poignant quality to it. Jennifer says he always surprises her with his approach. She wishes it had been more of a song, but he did good with it. Steven says he’s a rare talent – he could have recorded that with no dubs necessary. Randy loved the subtle performance. Very hot!

Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone perform a duet of Somebody That I Used To Know. Phillip had noted that Elise wanted this song so bad she threw something at him when he debated doing it. It’s really entertaining – they sound amazing together! Steven says they nailed it and Elise made Phillip blush! Jennifer loved the feel they brought to it as a duet. Randy says it was a great, but teases that Phillip should choose the song next time even if she hits him.

Jessica Sanchez has selected the song Stuttering to perform on American Idol tonight. Akon remarks in rehearsal that she will be a legend one day. Jessica delivers the tune with a maturity way beyond her years – it’s nuts! Randy says she set the bar really high – it was superb! Jennifer tells her it was really beautiful, and now she wants them to show them something they’ve never seen. Steven says Jessica slays him every time she performs!

Joshua Ledet is ready to perform. Ryan Seacrest surprises him with a video birthday message from Fantasia! She says, “From Fantasia to Mantasia!” Rather than do another ballad this week, Joshua has opted to sing Bruno Mars’ Runaway Baby! Joshua kills it! There could have been a little more dancing, but it’s excellent. Steven tells him he can sell a song like a work of art, and then tries to set him up with the go-go dancer. Jennifer says it was dynamic! Randy calls it another unbelievable performance – he was really in the zone!

Colton Dixon and Skylar Laine team up again to perform Don’t You Want To Stay by American Idol Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson. They sound great together, especially the harmonies. Steven says it was a beautiful duet – gorgeous! Jennifer comments on the harmonies and says they did a nice job. Randy loves them both, but just thought it was okay – it was pitchy.

Hollie Cavanaugh has chosen Perfect by Pink as her song for tonight. Perched on a stool, and accompanied by an acoustic guitarist, Hollie delivers a slowed down version of the tune and sounds strong. She also seems a little less anxious this week. Jennifer says she sang beautifully tonight – she should be proud of herself! Steven says it kind of laid there a little bit for him. Randy says it wasn’t ‘perfect’ but it was a lot better than last time – she should be proud of that!

Phillip Phillips has selected Give A Little More by Maroon 5, but it’s nearly unrecognizable when he performs his slower and funkier arrangement. As always, Phillip puts his own stamp on the song – groovy! Steven loves the way he’s evolved to sing more melody. Jennifer found it a little underwhelming for the Phillip she loves.  Randy kind of agrees with Jennifer. He liked the intimate beginning, but there was no ‘wow’ moment.

Hollie, Joshua, and Jessica form a trio to perform Stronger. It doesn’t start out great, but it gets, well…stronger, as they get into it. Jennifer says it’s the season of the big voices! Steven says it was beautiful. Randy calls it dope – a great trio – but he gives the edge to Josh.

Elise Testone went to see a Jason Segal movie on her day off and is shocked when Ryan shows her a video message from him before her performance! Elise is doing Lady Gaga’s You And I tonight. Elise starts out on the piano and gives the tune that raspy flavor in the vocal. Once she’s up moving around she gets even raunchier. She finishes on a sultry note. Randy hollers that Elise is back! He says it the perfect time for that vocal – very dope! Jennifer loves her! She says she let go but kept control – crazy beautiful! Steven says it was genius – great vocal!

Jennifer Hudson and James Durbin perform on tomorrow night’s results show!

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2 Responses to “American Idol Recap: Top 7 Perform Songs From Past Three Years”

  1. Kevin Lincicum Says:
    April 11th, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    Randy Jackson is the most irritating judge I’ve ever listened to. He may know what he’s talking about but his delivery of that knowledge is pitiful. The “Yo”, “Dude” and “Dog” make him sound like a gang member wanna be. He has lost his credibility when he uses those types of stupid ghetto speak words. Grow up, Randy! Yo, dude, you need a new vocabulary. To hear Steven Tyler sound more intelligent that you is absolutely pitiful.

  2. mary Says:
    April 11th, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    I’m really tired of the judges at American Idol being so harsh with Hollie every week. It’s getting old. They loved people who mess up the words and they have a love fest when the other contestants have a bad week but every week they are always on Hollie’s case. I thought she did really well this week and didn’t deserve what she got from the judges.


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