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Survivor: One World Recap — Women Control The Game

April 11, 2012 07:10 PM by Ryan Haidet

The primary theme on tonight’s episode of Survivor: One World is one that dominated the beginning of this season: men vs. women.  After Mike was voted out at the last Tribal Council, Troy, Jay and Tarzan found themselves wondering if the women were actually playing them and planning to stick together as an all-female alliance.  That is exactly what was going on with Kim at the helm and she was hoping to get Jay or Troy out of the game next.  But a very revealing Immunity challenge and some last-minute scrambling resulted in a satisfying Tribal Council.

Battle Of The Sexes

Like I said, the majority of discussions involved the men worried about the women dominating the rest of the game.  Kim, who is clearly calling the shots, told Sabrina, Alicia, Chelsea and Kat that they should take out either Jay or Troy next depending on who wins Immunity.  Chelsea, who has seem very focused on the ultimate prize this entire season, suddenly found herself very worried about betraying those two men because she offered 100 percent of her trust to them.  “To turn this quick on them, I hate to be that person,” she said in confessional.  “But I love money,” she laughed.

On the flip side, Jay and Troy felt like the women of the new Salani alliance needed to prove they weren’t simply plucking the men off by voting Alicia out next.  Jay even hosted a mini powwow with Kim, Kat, Chelsea and Sabrina by asking them to vote Alicia out next.  When they all “agreed” to his pitch, Jay was convinced the vote was secure — especially with Kim and Chelsea on his side.  “I trust my two girls,” he said.

Jay told Kat that she and the women of the new Salani need to make a sacrifice.  Jay gathered with Kim, Kat and Sabrina to take out Alicia with Christina next.  While they agreed to his plan to his face, Kim was worried about lying to him.

Temptation Island

While the boring do-it-yourself-at-camp Reward challenge offered nothing more than a backyard/beach game, the Immunity challenge the 10 castaways competed in is one of my absolute favorites — a true Survivor classic.  Each person had to stand barefoot on a wooden perch while holding one arm above their head.  If they lower their hand too far a bucket of colored water comes splashing down.  Before the challenge began, Jeff Probst warned the contestants that he would be tempting them with food.  With everybody in place, Tarzan was out of the competition by the time Probst got to the final word of this sentence: “This challenge is officially on.”   Pathetic.  Truly pathetic.

Here’s how the rest of the battle broke down:

  • Christina dropped out accidentally just moments before Probst offered up two cookies and a glass of milk.  Sabrina dropped out to take it just a few moments after the challenge started.
  • Cupcakes and milk were next, which quickly brought Kim and Kat off their perches.
  • In an apparent display of heroism, Alicia told Chelsea that she would be willing to jump out of the challenge for her even though she could totally win.  What a weird argument to make.  I’m so glad Probst called her out on her line of garbage.  Moments later, Alicia quit the challenge for a bowl of candy before Probst even uncovered the item.
  • After 45 minutes there were only four people left in the challenge.
  • Troy, who clearly wanted to win the challenge, accidentally fell off his perch next.
  • Jay quit immediately for a big plate of chicken wings and a glass of beer.
  • The final two were Leif and Chelsea.  She vowed to stay up there all day long and told Leif that if he would step down that it would make him less of a threat.  When Probst brought out burgers, chips and beer, Leif asked Chelsea if she was being honest with him about looking less threatening.  When she said yes, he stepped out of the challenge and gave Chelsea victory.

What the hell game is Leif playing?!?!  I can’t believe he’s so foolish to believe Chelsea.  Step down and you look less threatening?  More like, step down and you look like a total pushover and a poor strategist.  Whatever.  I had high hopes for Leif, but he’s playing like a total outsider.


Out of concern that Troy would play a hidden Immunity Idol, she wanted to split the votes between him and Jay.  That way, one of them would be eliminated no matter what.  It’s a good plan that’s worked man times in this game.  And while I definitely think Kim is playing a solid game, she has a terrible poker face.  She puts on the most obvious facial expressions that her plans don’t even seem like they could be a secret.  Please tell me some of you are also noticing this because it was driving me crazy this entire episode.  I want her to do well, but she needs to keep her smirk under control so she doesn’t get caught.

Her efforts to reassure Troy that he was safe went too far, which made him very suspicious that she was lying.  He didn’t understand why she had to convince him multiple times there was no plan to take him out at the upcoming Tribal Council.  Concerned for his safety, Troy told Jay that he would be playing his Idol and asked him to vote against Kim.  But Jay was convinced there was nothing going on with the women.  “I think you’re safe, bro.  I think you’re safe.”

Jay then went on a walk with Kim and basically told her everything that Troy was saying.  He felt like they should all vote Alicia out next, watch Troy waste his Idol and then vote him out next time.  “He’s trying to get Tarzan and Christina to vote you, and he asked me for you,” Jay told Kim.  “I said I’m sticking with Alicia.  Because if you all vote for him and he plays that Idol, the next four votes are coming your way.”

Idol Play

At Tribal Council — in which Tarzan was wearing a woman’s shirt — Troy played his hidden Idol right before Probst read the votes.  “Some of the dumbest moves in Survivor history have been made when someone gets voted out and has this in their pocket and that’s not gonna be me.  I’m not gonna join that group.”  As Probst read the votes, one was against Kim, two were against Troy, two were against Alicia and the rest fell against Jay.  Do you think he was bumpuzzled as his torch was snuffed out?  Sorry, Jay.  You had it coming.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode?  Are you happy or sad Jay was voted out of the game?  At this point, who do you think has the best shot at winning the $1 million prize?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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  1. stewie Says:
    April 12th, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    If I were Leif I would have stuck it out and at least tried to win the Immunity Challenege. He came that far just to buy into Chelsea’s nonsense. But at least he got some tasty burgers…


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