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Survivor: One World — Exit Interview With Jay Byars

April 13, 2012 10:28 AM by Ryan Haidet

Although he appeared to be paranoid about an all-female alliance forming on Survivor: One World, Jay Byars still trusted his bond with most of the women — and it’s those same women who schemed his demise in the game.  In a conference call with reporters, Jay weighed in on why he trusted the women so much, revealed details about his alliance with Colton and dished the dirt on how he was selected to be on the show.

Question: Why did you trust Kat so much after Mike was voted out?

Jay Byars: It’s not that I trusted her so much, it’s actually I didn’t trust her and wanted to keep her close.  It was more Sabrina, Kim and Chelsea that I trusted more.

Question: Looking back, how do you think you should have played it?

Jay Byars: My biggest, obviously dumbest move was stepping down because I thought I was safe.  I knew the girls were gonna come after me, but I didn’t think it would be that night I thought it was gonna be the next one.  I should have just stayed focused on that vote and won my Immunity.

Question: Why did you step off for food because prior to the challenge you and Troy actually discussed not quitting for a temptation.  Why did you drop out of the challenge for chicken and beer?

Jay Byars: When I saw that Troy didn’t win and I kind of figured he would be the first to go, I was literally thinking two and three days from then.  If I step down I don’t look as big of a target because I wouldn’t win two in a row and I can have a full stomach, which is an advantage.  The main thing is just I thought I was safe.  Straight up.  I was being played.  I felt comfortable at that time, but I was wrong.

Question: Was it their plan all along to vote against you or did the news of Troy’s Idol sway some votes your direction?

Jay Byars: I think once the news of Troy’s Idol I guess got thrown around more at Tribal, I think that’s when the votes swung back to me.  I think that’s when people switched their vote back to me.  Had I known about his Idol earlier, maybe there could have been some sort of work with me, him, Tarzan and Christina to get on the same page.  But it was just too little too late at that time.

Question: Why did you go and tell Kim that Troy had an Idol?

Jay Byars: I was trying to keep Kim on my good side.  I knew that they wanted Troy gone.  I was trying to convince her that the best thing would be to just get him to play his Idol and we could get him later.  Obviously I didn’t know that she had planned on swinging extra votes my way just in case he did play the Idol.  So I was planning on working with her longer in the game than Troy.

Question: During his interview, Colton said that he had a solid alliance with you from the first day.  Was that true?

Jay Byars: That was true.  Walking away from that truck he was really paranoid on day one.  He was worried he was gonna be the first guy off.  I was like, “Look man.  I got your back.  I’ll protect you and whatnot.”  Once I saw him working those girls, I just kind of let him put my name in the mix.  He made me look good because I was protecting him.  Really I was just looking forward to that merge and him being there since I already had a shoe-in with the girls.

Question: We saw a moment this season where you snapped at Tarzan because you didn’t want to share coffee the new Salani tribe had won prior to the merge?  Why not share those items with the new tribe members?

Jay Byars: I wasn’t the only one that thought so.  Number one, me and Tarzan didn’t get along the best on the show.  But that was our coffee, my crew won it, I didn’t have a reason to share it with them as far as I was concerned.

Question: We see a lot of goofy moments with Kat.  Is she really like that or is the editing really ramping up the goofiness?

Jay Byars: I would say that it’s pretty accurate, man.  I had her stereotyped as the ditzy blonde.  But she’s super fun.  She’s super fun to be around.  She really is a smart girl, but she definitely has her blonde moments.

Question: How did you get selected to be on the show?  Were you a fan or a recruit?

Jay Byars: I was a fan, but I actually applied to the Amazing Race first.  I didn’t hear anything back for a while then I got a phone call asking me if I was interested in Survivor.  Then I applied for that.

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