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The Amazing Race Recap: Oh, So Close

April 15, 2012 06:49 PM by Lisa Princ

Last time on CBSAmazing Race, the teams headed to Africa and Rachel Reilly was reduced to tears after some harsh words from Vanessa. Tonight, the remaining teams took on an African safari, and it was a real race to the finish for a few teams. Read on for all the highlights.

The Amazing Race was back tonight, and rest assured, there would definitely be an elimination this week. In this amazing episode, we were treated to a glimpse into an African safari, full of beautiful wildlife. It was so breathtaking that a few of the teams stopped their jeeps, despite the race, to take in the beauty of everything. And then they were all slapped with reality, remembering that a million bucks was at stake.

The stakes were very high this week as there was a double U-turn in play, meaning that two teams had the chance to U-turn a team behind them, and force them to do both detours. Rachel and Dave, along with Art and J.J. made a not-so-surprising pact that one of them would U-turn none other than Big Brother. Brendon and Rachel, however, were ready and had a feeling that they would be one of the teams the ones getting U-turned, “Let them all drink their haterade,” Rachel chuckled.

The detours this week really made us remember how thankful we are for the resources we have in our lives everyday. One of them was fixing bicycles (their main form of transportation in the village) or waiting hours in line to get their daily supply of water (9 jugs). Most of the the teams were smart enough to choose the bicycle challenge as it was nothing more than a flat tire that needed to be fixed, but Art and J.J. decided to be different and tackle the water – why do they feel that they have to prove how good they are by taking the tough challenges?

While we all thought that Dave and Rachel had a strong alliance with Art and J.J., Rachel and Dave passed the double U-turn without sending anyone out for a U-turn – uh oh, did they just double cross the agents? Something told us that was not the brightest idea, and don’t, for a minute, think that Art and J.J. would not find out, because they did and they were pissed, but they also took the opportunity to U-turn Rachel and Brendon – contain your shock folks! Meanwhile, Rachel and Brendon managed to U-turn another team as well, but who was it? Yep, you guessed it – Vanessa and Ralph as a payback for Vanessa’s nose job comment last week.

And then the entire episode turned into the Rachel Reilly whine fest as usual. Rachel cut herself during the water challenge, and wound up crying to a consoling Brendon. “Whoa is me, whoa is me,” is anyone else as sick of this whining, green sparkly covered annoyance as we are? And while Rachel gets the award for most annoying person on The Amazing Race this season, the award for the dumbest team goes to Ralph and Vanessa hands down. These morons searched for what seemed like forever just to get the clue for the detour – yeah, remember the clues that stared them in the face a few weeks ago? It was one of those moments again.

After an intense beekeeping roadblock, we were shocked and pleasantly surprised to see Bopper and Mark end up in first place this week! Kudos to the country boys for proving that they are no longer the underdog, but the dark horse. Rachel and Dave (second place),  will be confronted by Art and J.J. (third place) for their betrayal next week.  The last three teams really fought it out this week, as two of them had a U-turn, and one of them had a speed bump. The speed bump proved to be the downfall though, as it was Nary and Jaime who were eliminated this week – ugh, another week of Rachel Reilly(fourth place) and Vanessa and Ralph (fifth place).

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