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Melissa Gilbert Returns to ‘Dancing With The Stars’: “It’s Time To Believe Again!”

April 16, 2012 01:17 PM by Shayla Perry

After missing a week of the show, Melissa Gilbert is ready to hit the dance floor…Wait, poor choice of words. She’s ready to get back on the dance floor again, returning to ABC‘s Dancing With The Stars! In her latest blog for People, the former Little House on the Prairie star opens up about the night she and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were almost forced to leave the competition, and how they plan to give us all a reason to believe again with this week’s routine.

“This week has been the most challenging for me so far this season of Dancing With The Stars,” Melissa Gilbert writes in her blog. “As you know, Maks and I had a bit of an accident Monday night. The moment it happened, I had no idea what had gone wrong. I just knew Maks fell. My head hurt a lot and I assumed I’d hit it on the dance floor.

“Things were spinning a bit for me when the judges gave their critiques,” Melissa continues. “In fact, by the time I got up to the skybox I had no idea what they’d said.

“I remember snippets; I remember Gavin carrying me down the stairs. I remember Maks trying to keep me from closing my eyes; I remember some of the ambulance ride, my boyfriend making me laugh through my tears. (Yes, the good-looking guy sitting beside my youngest son, cheering me on, is my boyfriend Thierry Gauchet.) I remember the X-ray and, boy oh boy, do I remember the headache.”

According to Gilbert and her doctors, the official diagnosis was a Grade-One concussion with moderate whiplash.

Thankfully, the former child actress is on the mend and getting ready to return to the dance floor tonight. And to top it off, she and Maks are daring to end their routine with the same move that “took them out” last week.

Yup, Melissa’s idea.

“Yes, I was hurt. Yes, it was scary, but, that was then…this is now,” she writes. “It’s time to believe again!”

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