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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Gone Glamping

April 17, 2012 07:20 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Orange County is all new tonight on Bravo.  The girls are packing their Louis Vuitton suitcases and going glamping!  Glamping is Alexis’s idea of “glamorous camping.”  The OC girls roughing it in the woods – can you picture it?  Keep reading for all the details from tonight’s RHOC.

Vicki takes time out of her busy schedule to check out  and critique Tamra’s  small boobs. “Let me go get my microscope…are you happy with this?” Vicki asks Tamra.  Vicki can’t wrap her brain around why any woman would want to be “flat as a pancake.”  Okay, enough about boobs and onto the drama.  Vicki fills Tamra in on the whole bowlig champagne party. 

Alexis is planning the glamping trip for all the girls.  ”It’s what you want to do when you want to be one with nature, but not touch it,” is how Alexis explains “glamping” to her friend.  As long as Alexis doesn’t bend over or pick up anything heavy, her plastic surgeon gave her the thumbs up to go glamping.  Alexis invites her friend/make-up artist to be her nurse and pack mule for the trip.  Poor Shannon is in for quite a trip with these ladies.

A coughing Gretchen is upstairs packing her bag to glamping.  Gretchen really wants to go camping, because she knows her and Alexis need to work on their friendship.  Slade is against the camping trip, because Gretchen needs to rest her voice for the whole pussycat doll performance.  Slade puts his foot down and Gretchen says she won’t go. 

The girls are ready to hit the road.  Alexis, Shannon, Heather, Vicki and Briana are headed out into the wilderness – but they are bringing their hairdryers!  “Being stuck in the woods with Alexis scares me a bit,” Heather tells the cameras.  The girls arrive at the campground, okay it’s really a resort.  The cabins have beds, kitchen and most importantly – room service!  To Alexis this is full on camping because there isn’t enough countertop space in the bathroom. 

Finally the women open some wine and sit on the picnic tables.  Heather is late because she can only find a white wine glass and not a red one!  Now the real roughing it begins, the ladies have to cook their own food.  Heather and Vicki argue about how to start the fire - these two women are both extremely stubborn.  Alexis is ready to give up and order a pizza, but Heather is determined to grill the food.  Sitting around the camp fire Vicki opens up about Briana’s scare with cancer.  Vicki says she owes Gretchen a huge apology for how she acted to her in the past. 

The next morning the ladies decide to go order breakfast. Heather and Alexis just don’t mesh well, it seems that Heather is always judging Alexis.  “I want to like Alexis, but then she says these things that drive me nuts!” Heather tells the cameras. 

Gretchen is working on her voice with another coach, trying to get ready for her big performance.  “I just can’t see how this performance is going to turn out good,” Gretchen tells Slade.  In  the car, Gretchen breaks down in tears  because she is so mad about losing her voice. 

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