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Survivor: One World Recap — A Game Of Numbers

April 18, 2012 06:44 PM by Ryan Haidet

Anybody who watches Survivor knows that it’s a game about numbers.  Those with a numbers advantage can make it very far in the game.  While that’s a simple concept, the majority of these people on Survivor: One World don’t seem to grasp it.  Troy, who is clearly at the bottom of the totem pole, tried to open people’s eyes to help them see that Kim was running the game with Chelsea, Kat and Sabrina.  Could he find a way to crack the core female alliance?  Read on to find out!

Going…  Going…  Gone!

Yes!  The Survivor auction made its return to the game and I couldn’t have been happier.  I’ve always liked these because they’re just plain fun to watch.  For this auction, each castaway was given $500 cash and had to bid in increments of $20.  Nobody could pool their money or share items.  Here’s how it broke down.

  • Chelsea got three doughnuts and an iced coffee for $160.
  • Sabrina paid $400 for chips guacamole and a margarita.
  • Leif dished out $100 for a big protein shake with two bananas on the side.
  • Amazingly, Kim won a shower with shampoo and a toothbrush for just $40.
  • Kat spent $180 for a BLT with chips and an iced tea.  She was pleasantly surprised to find there was a bacon on the sandwich even though that’s a main component of a BLT!  Seriously, what planet does this woman live on?!?!
  • Although Alicia really wanted chocolate and peanut butter, she let it go way too easily to Kim who stepped out of the shower and won with a $240 bid.  “Craziest auction ever,” Probst said.  “A half-naked woman in a towel now has chocolate and peanut butter.”
  • The moment Probst pulled out letters from home, Alicia bid all $500 and cried as she read the note, which was written by her father.
  • Alicia’s emotions got the best of Tarzan who was saving his cash to fix the shocks on his car back at home.  He, too, bought his letter for $500.
  • Kat spent $160 on a cake that she was forced to share with the entire tribe.  They were given just 60 seconds to scarf it down.

The most interesting element of the auction came from Troy when Probst offered up for bids an advantage in the upcoming Immunity challenge.  For somebody who is so frustrated to be alone in the game — and clearly the next to go — it made no sense to me that he didn’t bid $500 right off the bat.  Instead, he got into a bidding battle with Christina.  Even though her tribemates were cheering her on to bid $500 to take it from her, she let Troy walk away with the item for $420.  Neither person was playing with their brains here.  If Christina truly wanted to vote with the block, she would have made sure there was no way Troy could get the advantage.  And Troy, what the hell?!?!  I was truly stunned watching you sit there and bid in $20 increments for the advantage.  I really have no idea what you were thinking at that moment.  Nor do I think any explanation will make any sense.

As you might expect, the women were frustrated with Christina for not outbidding Troy on the advantage, but that’s not fair either since they had all selfishly pissed their money away on other items.  Yes, that’s the point of the auction, but to guilt-trip somebody over their decision to save their money is stupid.  Christina was doing what she wanted with her money — just like everybody else who was bitching at her had done.  While I think Christina’s decision was stupid, I respect it.  Chelsea, Kim and Sabrina could have saved their cash for that moment, but the hypocrites decided not to.  Are those chips still worth $400, Sabrina?

The Hunt Is On!

Back at camp, Troy started hunting for the hidden Immunity Idol, which he suspected was re-hidden at camp since he played his at the previous Tribal Council.  Kim saw what he was doing and told the rest of the group, which made Chelsea ask if there is even another Idol hidden.  It’s obvious that Chelsea and Kim aren’t fans of the show because Idols are always re-hidden after somebody plays one.  Derp.

Although he didn’t find the Idol — which I think is miraculous considering they are found so easily — he faked it by tucking a piece of wrapped cloth into his pocket.

“This Is My Island!”

Troy’s advantage from the auction automatically put him in the second round of the three-part Immunity challenge.  “This is my island!” he shouted after advancing to the final round against Tarzan.  “You can’t beat me.”  His words brought a disgusted response from Chelsea who told him to “shut up.”

In a nail-biter final round, Troy pulled off victory against Tarzan and proudly took possession of the Immunity necklace.  After pounding his chest excitedly, he looked at his tribe and said, “Don’t fu*k with me.”  Although the tribe was disgusted with the way he was boasting about his victory, Troy kept on talking.  “I’m going to continue like that.  I’m competitive.  You guys are scared to death.”

It’s Simple Math…  Except Maybe For Kat

Kim and Chelsea — the obvious masterminds this season — decided it would be best if they voted off Tarzan or Leif next.  Meanwhile, Tarzan and Leif were talking about the likelihood that one of them would be the next to go.  Duh!  Of course one of you guys is the next target.  Trying to work some last-minute magic, Troy hatched a plan that was absolutely spot on to get Kim out of the game.  He wanted to get Alicia, Christina, Tarzan and Leif to vote on his side in a new alliance they could carry to the final five.  This couldn’t have been a better plan for Tarzan and Leif since each was obviously aware they were on the chopping block.  It was also the perfect opportunity for Christina and Alicia to jump aboard and push the four powerful women out of the game.

At Tribal Council, Leif (sadly) was the only person who voted with Troy against Kim.  Three of the other votes fell against Tarzan, but Leif was the person booted from the game with four votes.  Oh well.  Leif was a terrible player anyway.  In fact, I think he gets the award for being the most worthless castaway this season.  All he did was float along with no clear-cut strategy on how to play.

I wish Troy’s plan would have worked out.  Remember how amazing it was when Paschal and Neleh realized they were being played by a powerful alliance on Survivor: Marquesas and swapped sides?  Instead, these players are followers who aren’t in the game to win it.  If they were, this was the perfect opportunity to control their fate a bit better.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Do you think the others should have joined forces with Troy to get Kim out?  Don’t you think it was dumb for Troy to not bid $500 immediately for the Immunity challenge advantage?  If you were there, what auction item would have you salivating most?  Who do you think is going to win the entire game?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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3 Responses to “Survivor: One World Recap — A Game Of Numbers”

  1. Troy Says:
    April 18th, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    Troy getting the advantage brought me back to Guatemala when Danni won it in the auction and used it to win immunity when she needed it most and come from behind. But Troyzan will not be fortunate enough to get to the end with his attitude and demeanor towards everyone, it’s tribal dynamics 101. If he’s not careful, he’ll pull a Russell Hantz and get shafted, GUARANTEED!


  2. John D Says:
    April 19th, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    What will be interesting is when the three powerful women have to start turning on each other, and that day is coming sooner than later. There is no way that Kim will want Chelsea and Sabrina sitting there with her. My prediction for the final three is Sabrina, Kat and either Christina, Alicia or Tarzan.

  3. Norman Says:
    April 19th, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    I think the men were done for long ago. The turning point was when they gave up team immunity in order to bow down to Colton’s wishes. Voting Bill out that way was not only stupid, but reprehensible given Colton’s racist reasons for wanting to do it. The men were like sheep and after that, I was solidly rooting for a woman to win this season. I don’t have much sympathy for any of the guys because they put themselves in this position.


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