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The Voice’s Head Honchos Sick Of Blake Shelton’s Drinking

April 20, 2012 09:00 AM by Lisa Princ

Blake Shelton of The Voice on NBC, has boasted in the past about his love of alcohol, but has he been taking it too far? In a new revelation, sources say that the show’s head honchos are sick of Blake Shelton‘s drinking, and rumor has it that they aren’t the only ones! More after the jump…

“I drink alcohol, and always will until I die. And I don’t care if you like it or not,” The Voice’s Blake Shelton recently boasted. But maybe Blake should start caring, as new rumors reveal that folks are beginning to get fed up with Blake’s constant drinking.

According to a recent story from In Touch (yes, so take it with a grain of salt!), a pal of Shelton’s supposedly told them: “The producers recognize that Blake is a natural on television, but they think he needs to tone down the partying, or he could scare away the show’s wholesome viewers. It takes makeup artists an hour to make him look presentable. Everyone is annoyed. He’s throwing away the opportunities of a lifetime,” of Blake’s spot on The Voice.

The gossip magazine goes on to add that Blake Shelton’s new bride, Miranda Lambert is also fed up with Blake’s drinking and partying ways. Blake supposedly drinks and stays out until all hours of the night, continuing to act like a bachelor, despite the fact that he is now a married man. Uh oh, could divorce be in their future? Reps for Blake Shelton have denied the entire story.

Do you think that Blake Shelton has a booze problem? Who cares if this story is true or not, we love him on The Voice, and his music rocks. Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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One Response to “The Voice’s Head Honchos Sick Of Blake Shelton’s Drinking”

  1. Judy Gail Says:
    June 24th, 2013 at 8:00 am

    He is the only reason i watch the voice and if it takes them an hour for him how long does it take for Xtina or the other chick just because he is a guy doesn’t mean he should be any different! I don’t see him DRUNK he may drink but he is never drunk and gets what he wants to say out better than the other judges that have 10 UMMMMMSS in 1 sentence. I think IF this is true they need to pick their battles before they loose a lot more viewers than just the few that think they are better than others there is a reason #TeamBlake has won 3 years in a row!! HELLO!!! We are loyal to Him and our up and coming Artist on the show!!


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