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The Amazing Race Recap: Amazing Luck In India

April 22, 2012 06:41 PM by Lisa Princ

Last time on CBSAmazing Race, the teams took on an African safari, and Nary and Jaime could not overcome the speed bump. This week, they headed to India, where they would have to tackle a Bollywood routine, but did it prove to be too much for one team? Read on for all the highlights!

The Amazing Race contestants went from Africa to India this week, but not without the drama. Art and J.J. made it perfectly clear that they are not there to make friends – hint hint, Rachel and Dave, you are not forgiven for not using the U-turn on Rachel and Brendon. Meanwhile, Rachel and Brendon are too busy gloating about surviving the U-turn, to give a rats butt what anyone thinks of them. We also learned that Bopper hurt his leg last week, but he gets clearance from the good ole doctor to get back into the race.

The teams are then given the fun roadblock, where they headed to a Bollywood set, where one person from each team needed to perform as the lead dancer in a choreographed routine dressed in formal Bollywood attire. For this dance, the girls won hands down….all of the girls were smart enough to take on the routine, while the two teams of guys struggled. Heck, even Rachel did a great job, and made us forget just how annoying she is…for a second! Of course, Rachel would not be Rachel without a little whine!

It took Art and J.J. about four or five attempts to finally get the routine and get the next clue. Meanwhile, Mark chose to do this challenge, and Mark was still struggling after 4, 5, 6 attempts – we were starting to wonder if the director was blind to Mark’s routine? The poor guy was trying so hard and you could see the pain in his eyes, but he did not want to give up. Finally, after something near his 11th or 12th try at the Bollywood routine, Mark broke down and said he was leaving the race. Apparently, he was feeling very ill, and with kids at home that depended on him, we couldn’t blame him.

The other teams were busy on the detour, which was driving a special vehicle or hitting a ball with the natives’ special equipment. I could not help but laugh when Rachel Reilly, even though she is as annoying as heck, beat the boys (Art and J.J.) in the game, giving them a head start to the pit stop! Vanessa struggled with the driving – big shock, she really is a dumb blonde under that brown mane isn’t she?

But the big story tonight was Mark and Bopper, the fan favorites. Mark was just about to pack it up, when he decided to give the routine one more go, not because he thought they had a shot at winning, but to finish it as a lesson to his children. Amazingly, the very next routine earned Bopper and Mark their next clue, and although they knew they were about to be eliminated, they continued on and did what they needed to do. When Bopper and Mark checked in at the pit stop, they were amazed to learn that this was another non-elimination leg! Can you say major luck? But rest assured, they will have a speed bump next week.

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One Response to “The Amazing Race Recap: Amazing Luck In India”

  1. Lora Wisdom Says:
    April 22nd, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    I was so moved by tonites amazing race, it just shows you that it does not make any difference what color, nationality, personality, people are so different, and still they become friends, and live for each other instead of just themselves. Mark and Bopper have renewed my faith in friendship, and basically people. I was really moved and just cryed. God Bless them they really are amazing men. I will continue to watch this show forever because of these amazing men. This is what makes a wonderful show.

    Thanks CBS you are great!


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