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Survivor: One World Recap — Troyzan’s Last Stand

April 25, 2012 06:49 PM by Ryan Haidet

For the last several episodes of Survivor: One World, the main objective of the female alliance was to get rid of Troyzan.  His Immunity victory and hidden Idol saved his skin at two Tribal Councils, but this week he couldn’t spare himself.  The women got what they wanted and sent jungle boy out of the game for good.  What a bummer.  Troyzan, the underdog, was by far the most interesting player left in the game.  Now he’s gone.  Yup.  While some fans are thrilled to see his cocky ass booted from the game, you can all thank his elimination for leaving the most boring castaways alive in the game.  Although I am not a huge fan of Redemption Island, Troyzan’s elimination is a moment when I wish it was alive this season.  This just sucks.  Oddly, now I think I’m rooting for Kat to win the game.  I never ever thought I would imagine myself saying that.  She’s the only person left that I enjoy watching even though she really does need a wake-up call in the game.  What else happened in tonight’s episode?  Read on to find out!

Revealing Reward Challenge

I love when challenges reveal a lot about the status of the game.  As we have seen time and time again, the castaways were foolish enough to clearly indicate their true alliances and pecking order.  It amazes me every time this happens that the contestants don’t try to shield their strategies a little better when answering questions about their tribemates.  Here’s how it broke down:

  • Christina was stunned to learn the tribe voted her as the person who doesn’t deserve to be there.
  • The majority said they would trust Kim with their life.
  • Troyzan was the first person eliminated.  Shocker!
  • Kat was voted as the person who most needs a wake-up call in life.
  • Tarzan was eliminated second.
  • Sabrina was voted as the person who does the least for the tribe.
  • Chelsea, Kat and Sabrina were eliminated next.
  • Kim was named the person they would most like to be stranded on an island with.
  • Christina was eliminated next.

Each one of those reveals something very significant about the game.  It showed Christina that nobody really likes her even though she’s been voting their way.  Kat is being dismissed by all the other players as a moron.  Sabrina isn’t in everybody’s good graces.  Most importantly, it proved that Kim is the biggest threat.  She had everything positive said about her character — and it even helped her win the challenge.  I really hoped this would send a message to those players at the bottom of the totem pole just like it did with Paschal and Neleh back on Survivor: Marquesas.  Nope.

Anyway, Kim chose to take Alicia and Chelsea on the Reward with her, which featured a helicopter ride to a private island with a picnic.  Kat was devastated that Kim didn’t choose her since they had made an agreement to select each other.  Kim was instantly apologetic and said that it was only because Chelsea hasn’t really had the chance to eat.

Kat Fight

Back at camp, Kat was complaining to everybody else that Kim was making excuses for not selecting her to go on the Reward.  Troy tried pounding it into her head that it’s because she’s near the bottom of Kim’s grand plan.  “You need to wake up,” he told her before she got up and walked away from the conversation.  She started crying in confessional saying how much she hates being labeled as a follower.  “I don’t want to go down as a weak player and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that’s not the case,” Kat said.  “If that happens to be me voting Kim out then fine.”

When Kim came back to camp from her Reward, she pleaded Kat to come talk with her.  It was almost pathetic to watch.  Kim knew she was in hot water and tried to cover her tracks with that smug look on her face.  Kat admitted that she was furious with the situation and made sure Kim knew it.

Pig Hunt

The tribe erupted into a hectic pig hunt on day 29 when one hobbled into camp.  It was so ridiculous to watch the scene because they could have grabbed that pig many many many many many many times.  It just trotted around them slowly — several times within reach.  But instead of proving they really wanted to catch it, a few of them (Alicia, Kim) ran away from it squealing.  Shouldn’t the pig be doing that?  Even worse, when they came back from the Immunity challenge, the pig was laying in their camp like nothing had happened.

Troy Turns His Back On The Challenge

At the slip-and-slide Immunity challenge, Troy lost in the first round to Tarzan.  Naturally, this brought a massive cheer from the women as he walked off the course disgusted.  For the rest of the challenge, Troy didn’t even turn around to watch it play out.  Instead, he had his back to the action and stared at the ocean, sand, his feet or whatever would keep his attention off the challenge.

Again, Kim proved to be the biggest threat in the game by winning Immunity.

A Little Too Late

Just in case Troy did have another hidden Idol, Kim thought it would be best for them to split the votes once again.  But instead of sending a few votes Tarzan’s direction, they decided Christina was the best second choice.  Even worse, Sabrina told Christina she would be getting some of the split votes.  This actually did wake Christina up, albeit too damn late, because she now saw that if Tarzan did have an Idol that she was their expendable player.  Then in confessional, Alicia crossed the line when she compared Christina to the special ed students she works with.  Just moments prior to that, she said that Christina’s IQ is a 0.  Alicia, you’re a dope.  Just keep your big mouth shut.  It’s not funny.  You’re hurtful.  I hope people hold you to your words once this game is said and done.

On the other end of the spectrum, Kat was suddenly having a leadership crisis.  She was upset that Kim was basically telling her how to vote against Troy because she wanted to be viewed as the person calling all the shots.  She wanted everybody to see that she isn’t a follower, but the one with power.  Ummm…  OK.  Prove it then and do something other than follow.  D

But instead of stepping up as a non-follower, Kat did what the rest of the group wanted and helped send Troy packing at Tribal Council.  In his last moments, Troy leaned down and whispered to Kat, “Do it.”  I seriously hope Kat finally wakes up and breaks Kim’s plan apart.  Kat, although I find your comments and strategies frustrating as hell, you’re the only hope to make this season worthwhile.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode?  Are you happy or bummed out that Troy was voted off?  Do you think Kat has any chance of winning the game?  What do you think of this season overall?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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5 Responses to “Survivor: One World Recap — Troyzan’s Last Stand”

  1. Hamilton Says:
    April 25th, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    No reason to watch survivor anymore this season….

    ……this is the lamest cast in survivor history…..


  2. bdg Says:
    April 26th, 2012 at 7:40 am

    Troyzan was the only reason I watched the last few episodes, time to turn off for the season and find something new.

  3. Wallst8my8ball Says:
    April 26th, 2012 at 8:55 am

    Toyzan looks like Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips

  4. duff duff Says:
    April 26th, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    I will probably stop watching now. Troyzan was the only good person left. He is leagues ahead of all of those women and they know it, and it just shows how good of a player he is that they had to work so hard, with so many people to bring him down. In the end, Troyzan went home because the people at the bottom were too stupid to follow him; he did not get voted out because of his own failings. He offered multiple times to switch and they never did; it was maddening to watch, as they could have voted kim out so easily and taken over the tribe. I am thinking Troyzan might be one of the top competitors on survivor, and I’d like to see him back again to play with people who arent complete dunces and are there to actually play the game, because he was just way too far above their caliber to play effectively in this season.

    Anyways, without a doubt Troyzan was the best competitor this season and its sad to see him go with so many episodes left. Anyone who says Kim is a better player than Troyzan doesnt understand how easy she has it. She took power because all of the women were such bad players that they couldnt come up with anything else but the most boring and unoriginal “womens alliance.” Her allies are complete dogs who will do what ever she says with complete loyalty (which is just sad) even when they KNOW they arent top 4, and her competitors were immeasurably dense (most of the men) and fell over without a fight, and at times even working to help her while she was so obviously attempting to vote them out.

    Its too bad, Troyzan really made this season interesting, and now that hes gone, there really isnt anything left.

  5. jeff Says:
    May 2nd, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    this has been worst cast yet. They need to bring back Redemption Island type game. Too many people who deserves to be there gets voted out while people like Sabrina and Alicia who doesn’t do a damn thing and sucks in challenges but continues to run their mouth and yet they stay alive on the game. The weak ones get weeded out when there was Redemption Island. One part of the show I’ve never liked is when family members come out or survivors get mail. Have nothing against people showing emotion but geez, they’ve only been away from family for like 2-3 weeks and yet the survivors act like they haven’t seen them in months/years. I think the show tells them to show emotion. Ive been gone for over 8 months straight from family but when I come home, I’m excited, but not anyything close to how these people act considering its only a few weeks.


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