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Survivor: One World — Exit Interview With Troy Robertson aka Troyzan

April 27, 2012 08:00 AM by Ryan Haidet

When Troy “Troyzan” Robertson was voted off Survivor: One World this week, I was really bummed out.  Without him, this season is simply filled with boring players — the majority of which don’t even seem to be playing.  Troy made great television from the first episode up until his ouster.  He gave life to this lackluster season.  Anyway, in a conference call with reporters, Troy explained a lot about his game, offered his thoughts on Kim and revealed why he didn’t bid $500 right away for the Immunity challenge advantage in the Survivor auction.  Enjoy!

Question: Looking back, what was the key factor that caused the downfall of the men’s alliance?

Troyzan: People keep talking about this guy/girl alliance thing.  At the merge there wasn’t a guy/girl alliance.  The guy/girl thing was out, really in my mind, when Colton got sick.  When we merged, we merged at six-six.  But it really wasn’t six-six.  Mike was always gonna go with the girls, so Mike was a girl.  Jay, in hindsight, he was always gonna go with the girls because he was in love with Kim and Chelsea.  He was a girl.  Tarzan as well.  Once he figured out this isn’t going to happen (guys sticking together), he was with the ladies the whole way.  They could tell him anything and he would do whatever.  So he was a girl.  So really, there was no girl/guys thing going on.  If Colton would have stayed, then it would have been guy/girls, but the minute he left, that guy/girl thing was out the window.

Question: You have said repeatedly that you were playing to win, but a lot of viewers have been critical of your social game in which you boasted about yourself and cussed others out.  Many people are saying you weren’t playing strategically whatsoever because you were making potential jury members hate you even more.  What’s your response to that?

Troyzan: At that point it was already seven against one.  So I wasn’t going to change it in one fell swoop that all of a sudden someone’s gonna be like, “OK, I’m gonna go over to Troyzan.”  I wanted to basically show them that they were not going to win.  To somehow put fear in their minds and that would give me an advantage.  It’s like a trash talk.  And I know, too, how easy people forget about things from day to day.  You can see the difference how people reacted to me on this week, they could smile with me, laugh with me.  There’s a scene online and you see me joking around in the water, goofing around and they’re like laughing with me.  That’s only a few days after I just went crazy on them.  So by the time I would have reached Tribal Council, they would have been loving me again just like they liked me before.  So I really wasn’t that worried about it.

Question: After you were eliminated from your final Immunity challenge, you turned your back on the remainder of the competition.  What was the deal there?

Troyzan: I was so distraught because I had lost to Tarzan and I knew at that point my Survivor adventure was probably over.  I knew I didn’t have a hidden Immunity Idol and there was so much emotion going through me I didn’t even want to look.  I was disgusted with the women.  I didn’t want to watch them celebrate.  I didn’t want to watch them doing anything with Immunity.  I tried to just be oblivious to the whole thing.  I almost walked out into the ocean (laughs).  I was just gonna go out there and just swim. …  But then part of me thought, I can’t get too depressed because they still think I have a hidden Immunity Idol.  I just wanted to turn my back as like a protest.  A protest to them that I won’t even watch.  I could care less.

Question: Why didn’t Kat flip on the girls and go along with you?

Troyzan: She doesn’t know the game 100 percent.  I don’t believe that she’d seen a lot of Survivor and didn’t really know how to make a big move on her own.  She just trusted the very first person that she probably met, which was Kim.  So she stayed with that.  That was it.  She was basically playing the game in fear like most of the people out there are playing.  Playing just to stay around as opposed to playing to win.  Very big difference.

Question: What was it about Kim that made her so deceptive?

Troyzan: She’s very low-key and she doesn’t really talk a whole lot.  We’re out there for 24 hours a day and we’re talking about a lot of things that have nothing to do with Survivor — especially at night you’re just telling stories about your life.  So she was very good at talking about what she does and very calming.  The girls that she was playing with, a lot of them didn’t know anything about Survivor and the strategizing, so it was easy for her to just influence people.  She’s a deceptive person.  She’s a very good liar, but that’s the way that she is.  I’ve said this before, out there what you see is really who we are.  Deep down inside, that’s who we are.  When you’re starving and you’re hungry and you’ve been there for 30 days, what really is inside you comes out.  If you have the ability to lie and deceive out there, then you have the ability to do that on the outside world.  What we are showing the world is just a facade of who we are.  Deep down inside, everybody that you see out there, they are who they are.  Like Sabrina said, it is what it is.  Well, I’m saying you are who you are.  That’s what it comes down to.  What you saw of me, that’s who I am.

Question: During the auction you were hoping for something that would give you an advantage in the Immunity challenge.  But when that item was up for bids, you didn’t bid the $500 max and take it right away.  Instead, you started with a $400 bid and opened up a bidding war with Christina.  What was the strategy there?

Troyzan: The bidding started lower than that.  I knew that everybody had bid (on previous items).  I was watching (the episode) and going, “Troy, why didn’t you just do $500?  This is not making sense to me” (laughs).  I remember, I thought that Christina had bid on something.  I knew everybody else did, but I didn’t know where she was.  So I thought,  “I’ve got this.”  I started the bidding really low and no one was bidding.  I’m like, “Oh great.  Maybe there’s a chance I can get this.  These guys are too stupid to know what it is.  I could still maybe somehow sneak in some food for energy.”  I know that I needed to really win the challenge and food is going to help.  So I thought there was a chance.  And Christina, the way she plays, wasn’t smart enough to figure it out.  She wasn’t going to $500.  I knew it. …  I got lucky though.  As a person just watching it, I was like, “Wow, Troy.  You took a chance.  The Survivor Gods were with you on that one” (laughs).  I lucked out and had $80 extra to go spend in the flea market afterwards.

Question: If you had a chance to be on the show again, would you?

Troyzan: I would leave tomorrow.  I’d be on it in a second.  Yep.  I have unfinished business (laughs).  I had one goal — to win. …  I just want the title of sole Survivor.  That’s all I wanted.  I seriously thought that I would win all of the Immunities.  I really did.  I thought, “This is the chance, Troy.  Right now.  You will be known as the greatest Survivor that’s ever lived.”  If I would have won all of the Immunities, I may have been in that category.

What is your take on everything Troyzan had to say?  Are you bummed he was voted out or do you think he had it coming?  Who are you hoping wins the entire game?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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6 Responses to “Survivor: One World — Exit Interview With Troy Robertson aka Troyzan”

  1. Betsy Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 10:37 am

    The only fun part of the show this year was Troyzan Now he is gone, I will not be watching.
    The girls are horrible and unfun….

  2. D. Snyder Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 11:25 am

    Troyzan became nasty and unlikable at times. I didn’t like that side of him so that made me not care if he got voted off or not.
    This is one of the least likable survivor casts of all time. I can say I honestly don’t have a favorite or one that I would want to win. I usually have a couple of people that I am rooting for but not this time.
    Also I would hope that everyone goes into Survivor knowing that everyone will lie to them. It is what you have to do in that game. I don’t necessarily think that means that is how you act in your daily lives with family and friends when you are not playing the game. At least I hope not.

  3. Ivan Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    Snyder, if I go on survivor i won’t be offended if people lie to me because I would be doing the same to them. Except for the people I trust the most. However, you don’t have to be mr or ms.honesty. You should play survivor being smart but not being a douchebag or a bitch. I would just hate to deal with those people and I would want them gone as soon as possible.

  4. miko Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    I am a loyal survivor fan, I always watch a season through even if it hits some dull patches but I have to say with Troyzan gone I will not be watching the rest of this season.

    Troyzan was the really the only player left, Kim just manipulates the girls who somehow think they will all make it to the final three and win the million dollars.

    This season started off somewhat promising, when the guys volunteered early on to go to tribal council I thought well that is very very very dumb, little did I know that dumb would turn out to be the theme for Survivor One World.

    Kim isn’t even likeable anymore in my opinion, she just does whatever she wants, doesnt even need to take Kat on a reward trip, Kat will just do whatever she says.

    But I like what Troy says though, that it wasn’t girl vs guy, he had to play it like there was still some hope for an alliance between him and the women. Mike and Jay would just do whatever the women told them, a couple of real survivor champs there.

    I guess what annoys me most, is when I know more about survivor than the people who are actually playing.

  5. Dave Briggs Says:
    April 29th, 2012 at 1:48 am

    Troyzan was the best thing going for Survivor One World. He has character and we were all rooting for him.. Now all that are left are despicable deceivers and characterless followers. Not sure I care anymore who wins.

  6. the one Says:
    May 3rd, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    Survivor what a joke. Those women all would have had to been medivaced if they didn’t bum supplies off the guys the whole time at the start.


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