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The Amazing Race Recap: Bald Is Beautiful

April 29, 2012 06:42 PM by Lisa Princ

Last time on CBSAmazing Race, the teams headed to India, where Bopper and Mark escaped elimination, as it was a non elimination leg. This week, the fun continues in India, and someone will be eliminated, but not without some drama. Read on for all the highlights!

The Amazing Race was still in India tonight as the remaining five teams continued to battle it out in the fight to the finale, and the one million dollar prize. This week, it was all about bad decisions and…hair? Yep, tonight there was a fast forward, but when it came down to shaving their heads, who would do it? For starters, Art and J.J., as well as Rachel and Dave were not allowed as they had both previously completed a fast forward. Vanessa was not about to shave her head, and Rachel, well she was typical Rachel.

Though Brendon tried to convince Rachel to do it, she cried and carried on claiming that only skinny, pretty women can do bald. Umm, sounds like she does not have much self esteem, huh? Art and J.J. thought it was silly that neither of the girls would do, as they were certain it would be the downfall of one of those teams this week. As they met up at the detour, Art and J.J. decided to tease Rachel about how she should have gone with the fast forward, even telling her how beautiful she would look bald – it was all an attempt to get under Rachel’s nerves, as if she needs another reason to get emotional!

Meanwhile, the Kentucky boys, Bopper and Mark came in from behind, so they had to endure a speed bump. Their speed bump consisted of painting a tiger on the belly of a native, yes a man’s abdomen. They ran with it though and had a blast, and quickly moved on to the fast forward. It was a no-brainer for these two to go with the fast forward and hope that no one else had taken it. Bopper looked adorable with his head shaved, and even more adorable was how he said he would do whatever it took to help his sick child.

Meanwhile, most of the other teams took on decorating and elephant for the detour, but they didn’t realize that it came with a stinky price – shoveling manure! Art and J.J. took on what they thought would be the easier challenge, which consisted of packing boxing, but little did they know they would have to sift, weigh, and load as well. Meanwhile, more drama ensued, but not from Rachel! This time, it was Vanessa who was the drama queen and she fell down and proved how bimbo-ish she really is.

And the drama carried over when it was time to check in. Rachel and Dave arrived first, followed by Brendon and Rachel, and Vanessa and Ralph. Vanessa and Rachel, who arrived at the same time, got into an argument on the mat, in front of Phil. Vanessa accused Rachel and Brendon of cheating, but Rachel quickly fired back at her about her nose job comment. After Phil intervened, the girls made up – for now! After being set back with an injury (a sliced hand), Art and J.J. finished in fourth place, which only meant one thing – Bopper and Mark were last.

Yes, despite shaving their heads and using the fast forward, Bopper and Mark were the last to check in tonight and were eliminated from the race. What a sad night for fans, as most of us were rooting for these two to go all the way – they will certainly be missed!

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  1. Karen Wadley Says:
    April 29th, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    So impressed with Bopper and Mark, so
    Proud of them


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