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Dancing With The Stars Recap: Classical Night and Team Dances

April 30, 2012 07:07 PM by Candace Young

Last week on Dancing With The Stars, the wonderful Gladys Knight hit the end of the road, exiting on Motown Week.  This week features classical music, and America’s Got Talent‘s Jackie Evancho will perform. The couples will perform their numbers and then compete in team dances. Keep reading for highlights…

Dancing With The Stars kicks off classical night with lords and ladies dancing to an orchestra featuring a fine fiddler!

Classical singer, Katherine Jenkins, and Mark Ballas are up first tonight dancing a rhumba. In practice, Mark tries to get Katherine to bring the sex appeal by telling her, “You can’t have ‘classical’ without ‘ass’!” Katherine is dressed as a Grecian goddess, while Mark is in, well, brown pants. The pair do some impressive acrobatics, but overall it seemed a tad slow. Len thought it was elegant, Bruno wanted it raunchier, and Carrie Ann says it didn’t seem genuine tonight. It’s ’9′s across the board for ‘27‘!

Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are next to perform. Maks is suffering from an extremely sore ankle (it has a cyst), and calls brother Val in to fill in for him in rehearsal. That’s one lucky chick getting to hang out with both Chmerkovskiy brothers! Maks, looking like a dashing huntsman from a fairy tale, is up for dancing live – you would never know he had an injury! Melissa looks a little frayed at times. Bruno tells her she looked like she was riding the cyclone at Coney Island. Carrie Ann and Len agree both agree there was a lack of quality. They earn three ’7′s for a total of ‘21‘.

William Levy and Cheryl Burke will dance a Viennese waltz. William is also plagued with ankle issues, not to mention he’s not feeling the whole ‘classical’ thing being that he’s ‘from the streets of Cuba’. Jackie Evancho sings as they perform their incredibly romantic waltz – beautiful! The judges unanimously give raves – and ’9′s – for a total score of ‘27‘!

Roshon Fegan and Chelsea Hightower will be trying to avoid another week in the Dance Duel.  They call in sexy expert, Val Chmerkovskiy, to teach Roshon how to be masculine in his Argentine tango.  Dancing live, Roshon works hard to pull it off and they look good! The male judges take issue with Roshon’s ‘wobbly’ legs, but otherwise it’s all good.  Carrie Ann gives them a ’9′, and Len and Bruno give ’8′s, for a total of ‘25‘.

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd are up next on Dancing With The Stars. They are also doing a Viennese waltz. Peta says it’s a professional grade routine. They start out sitting on thrones and looking exceptionally regal! While Donald appears very careful, he doesn’t do a thing wrong that I can see. They get raves from the judges, including Len, who is picky about his Viennese waltzes! Donald and Peta net three ’9′s for ‘27‘ total.

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough are doing a pasa doble with a tragic theme a la Romeo and Juliet. They look incredible in their costumes – Maria’s in a vampy scarlet gown and Derek’s in black.  The dance is intensely dramatic – Maria is a vampire and bites Derek’s neck for the finale! Carrie Ann says it didn’t suck! Bruno and Len both loved it as well. They score ’10′s across the board for the first perfect ‘30‘ of the season!

Jaleel White and Kym Johnson are the last couple to perform tonight. They’re doing a Viennese waltz. Jaleel’s a military man, Kym’s in a soft pink gown and they dance through ‘fog’ – nice visuals. Again, it seems very ethereal. It didn’t work for Len – he found it lacking in footwork. Bruno and Carrie Ann agree that there were technical issues, but the storytelling was great. They rack up three ’8′s for a total of ‘24‘.

Team Dances

Each team will work together to win extra points.

Team Tango is Katherine/Mark, Jaleel/Kym, Roshon/Chelsea, and Maria/Derek. Practice is full of cursing! Live, they are intense and theatrical – seems very well choreographed and executed. Len calls it a mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Bruno calls it ‘excellent’, and Carrie Ann also raves. All three judges give Roshon props for nailing it. Carrie Ann gives a ’10′, Len gives them an  ’8′, and Bruno awards a ’9′, for a total of ‘27‘, which will be added to their individual scores.

Team Paso is William/Cheryl, Melissa/Maks, and Donald/Peta. Val is on standby in case Maks cannot dance. I don’t know about the dancing, but they’ve definitely got the hottest men! William resists when Cheryl and Maks want to choreograph him taking his shirt off. Live, the women are in scarlet dresses and the men are in black toreador outfits. It’s all very dramatic with much whipping of skirts and capes – and yes, the shirts come off! The crowd’s in a frenzy! Extra points! All three guys jump up on the judges’ desk in front of Bruno, who is on his feet raving that they are like the Avengers! Carrie Ann says it will go down as a fan favorite. Len say they undressed to impress! They get ’9′s from Carrie Ann and Bruno, and Len gives an ’8′ for ‘26‘ points. The crowd, wanting a higher overall score, ‘boos’!

The night concludes with Maria and Derek at the top of the leaderboard, and Melissa and Maks at the bottom. Gavin DeGraw sings on tomorrow night’s results show!

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One Response to “Dancing With The Stars Recap: Classical Night and Team Dances”

  1. Colleen Says:
    May 1st, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    The judges have been rude, critical and downright mean to many of these contestants this season, but last night’s comments to melissa and maks were just too obvious! They do not like maks and they made it very clear last night!! I, for one, think it’s time for a new panel of judges.


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