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Ghost Hunters Recap — Amazing Paranormal Activity Captured

May 02, 2012 07:56 PM by Ryan Haidet

If you’re a fan of Ghost Hunters, tonight’s episode is what the show is all about.  The TAPS team was able to capture and experience loads of paranormal activity aboard the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  It was a haungtingly entertaining hour as the spook seekers chased shadows and footsteps around the ship.  They even captured video of two full-bodied apparitions, which proved to be some of the coolest evidence ever seen on the show.  So much was happening that Jason even called it a one-in-a-million investigation.  What creepy things did they capture?  Read on to find out!

Gobs Of Ghosts

As Grant Wilson’s time on the show winds down, this investigation couldn’t have happened at a better time.  Some of the reports aboard the massive ship, which lost 141 men in the course of her history, included strange shadows, doors moving on their own, feelings of uneasiness, feelings of being tugged on.  You know, the norm when it comes to haunted locations.

When Jason and Grant were investigating in the museum area of the aircraft carrier, they caught a human-shaped figure on the thermal imaging camera.  “What the frig is that?!?!” Grant shouted when reviewing the recording.  “That’s crazy.”  He called it one of the “weirdest” things he’s ever seen as a figure can be clearly seen leaning up against the wall before standing up and sidestepping out of view.  “That’s freaky man,” Grant added.  They tried to debunk it by seeing if the image was created by a reflection, but they couldn’t do it.  Since they were so impressed by their video, they immediately showed it to Steve and Tango who were equally awed by it.

Later that night, in the same place that apparition was captured on film, Steve and Tango heard a strange gasping sound they couldn’t explain.

Jason and Grant moved on to the 2nd deck where they heard footsteps walking around.  They were able to chase the sounds around the halls, but found no source.  “We’re not quite sure what happened there,” Grant said.  Moments later, Grant said he felt something touching his chest.

Another creepy moment came on the flight deck as Amy and Adam saw a dark figure walking in the distance.  When they called out asking who it was, the figure disappeared.  They ran after it, but found nobody there.  Totally amazed by what they saw, the duo checked with their security to make sure nobody was there that wasn’t supposed to be.  There wasn’t.

While the evidence on the episode was astounding, Jason’s constant hushing of Grant was really getting on my nerves.  Grant has been doing these kinds of investigations for years, and for Jason to constantly shush him is uncalled for.  He’s not a child, Jason.  He’s an integral part of the team.  Treat him with some level of equality before he leaves the show.  Sheesh!  Don’t you agree?

With this episode in the books, Grant Wilson now only has two more episodes left on the show since his final investigation airs on May 16.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Did you think they found compelling evidence to prove they captured something truly paranormal?  Are you planning on watching Grant’s final episode?

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Photo courtesy of SyFy.

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