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Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: The Season Finale Brings Closure

May 02, 2012 08:26 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on Bravo‘s Million Dollar Listing New York, we watched as Fredrik Eklund showed some emotion for the first time all season, and both Michael and Ryan struggled with some big sales. What happened on the season finale? Let’s just say all the guys got some closure. Read on for all the highlights!

Million Dollar Listing New York returned tonight with the season one finale, and it was a fun one, but it’s been fun all season with these guys. Michael was all about fun this week as he continued to work on his listing from last week. Michael, who was determined to make his first sale and impress the heck out of his dad, wound up staging the entire town home for a family, and he even included some clowns – and Michael hates clowns! Nothing was more comical than watching Michael try on a balloon hat, which complimented his dorky look.

And if you think Michael Lorber is dorky, you have not seen anything unless you saw the broker who met him for some negotiations. After a successful open house, Michael met with this broker, who was at least 100 times more of a dweeb than Michael, and appeared to have some sort of nervous tick going on. Michael once again tried his attempt at humor, but it did not go over as planned with the broker. Luckily for Michael, he was able to negotiate a deal, making his father proud and giving him his first big sale. Michael ended his season with a much needed vacation!

Ryan Serhant was still sweating at the party, where his client was not pleased with the amount of guests. Luckily for Ryan, he was able to distract his client with all the pretty girls at the party – just long enough to get some private showings set up. Feeling the pressure from his boss and with some time to kill, Ryan headed over to one of Fredrik’s listings, where the pair got into an argument over stealing each other’s business. Really guys? Is this high school? Fredrik became so irritated with Ryan, that he kicked him out!

Ryan held two private showings on the $25 million dollar pad, and one of them was a huge nightmare. The guy did nothing but criticize the place, leaving us wondering why the broker even brought him there to begin with…after all, she did see the place at the party. The next showing proved much better for Ryan, and he wound up closing the deal for almost $20 million dollars, earning him a $600k commission check. Ryan closed his season with a $10k party at his place, and his parting words of: “It’s great to be Ryan Serhant.” Yeah, we are sure it is with those size paychecks!

Fredrik Eklund was busy all night bossing around his poor assistant, who could not seem to do anything right. After a good showing on a Gramercy listing, the client bailed out and left Fredrik with nothing. Awe, and to think he showed up with a special pouch just for her dog! The highlight of Fredrik’s season coming to an end was that he finally listened to his father, and decided to go after more than just money. Fredrik found love, and they even shared a kiss to end the night.

Before the show closed, we saw some previews for Million Dollar Listing LA, which returns on June 6, 2012. It looks like it’s going to be an explosive season. From what we can see, Madison will have it out with Heather, who left him to go with Josh Altman. Heather was shown throwing a drink on Madison, and Josh looked as though he was going to start a fight with Madison. Meanwhile, Josh Flagg’s boyfriend is talking about having children! We can’t wait for the season premiere next month!

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  1. Deez Says:
    May 2nd, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    There was a quick note at the end of the episode that said something like a property actally sold for a certain price. I didn’t DVR the episode so I couldn’t rewind it. What did it say?


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