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The Biggest Loser’s Jeremy Britt Shares His Thoughts On His Win

May 03, 2012 08:00 AM by Lisa Princ

Last week on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, we watched as Jeremy Britt won a his spot in the finale, and this week, Britt walked away as the season 13 winner. Jeremy spoke with the media yesterday about his big win, and how he plans to pay it forward. Read on for more…

The Biggest Loser’s Jeremy Britt won the $250 grand prize on Tuesday, after losing a whopping 199 pounds, and beating out front runner, Kim Nielsen. This season, which was deemed “no excuses,” was nothing but one excuse after another, leaving most of us glad that it’s over. So what is next for Jeremy Britt?

On how Jeremy will spend the $250 prize:

First, I have a minivan to buy for Buddy. Before he left he said all he wanted was a minivan out of the show. I promised him that if I won I would get him a minivan. So I owe Buddy a minivan.

On how he plans to keep the weight off and pay it forward:

I would like to get into speaking or something like that just to share my story. I think there’s a lot of people who find themselves relating to me and if I can help them, I’m definitely trying to pay it forward. All these things that I’ve learned have helped me to do that going forward. I have a complete lifestyle change and that’s how I’m going to keep the weight off. If I do something in the public eye that keeps me accountable, I don’t think I need the accountability but every little bit helps. I’m just going to enjoy living life and stay active.

Jeremy Britt chuckled as he told us about competing with Conda, and life on the ranch with her:

She wants to win, I want to win but obviously if one of us wins it’s a great thing. I wanted to win and I wasn’t going to take it easy. I wanted to destroy her. One thing I have learned is that we ever have to share a place to live for 6 months, I will go insane. Really, there was no one else I would have rather done this with than Conda.

The most important lesson Britt learned on The Biggest Loser:

The most important thing that I learned was hard work pays off. I didn’t cut corners, I just put in a lot of hard work. In the end, everything that I did paid off. It’s about doing it the right way. I definitely worked out a lot and I ate, so I had a good balanced diet. The best thing about having lost the weight are the health benefits, not being restricted by anything that would of held me back due to my weight.

On his determination to beat Kim at the finale:

I got this far and I was not about to let her win. When me and my sister went home we went to a great gym. My mom couldn’t have been more supportive of me. She helped me out a lot. I’m not where I am today without the help of my mom, my trainers back home, my trainers on the show, and the gym. Everyone was so accommodating to me, and everyone needed a smooth transition and wanted to make it known – ‘Jeremy, you make this about you and we will help you in any way we can.’ That’s how I got those results.

Jeremy Britt added that he does not plan to turn his weight loss into a career. He will continue to live his normal life, and just try to inspire others when he can.

Thank goodness this season is over! What did you think of the finale? Comment and share your thoughts below!

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4 Responses to “The Biggest Loser’s Jeremy Britt Shares His Thoughts On His Win”

  1. Jayne Says:
    May 3rd, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    I thought the finale was awful. They rushed through weighing in the at home players and the audience was annoyingly loud with the host yelling the whole time. It looked like total chaos. Out of the three, Jeremy was the nicer of them. Buddy and the other guy leaving was so childish. Didn’t they think of their families possibly winning $250,? I was rooting for Buddy but he turned out to be a cry baby. After all the show did for them and taking them to Hawaii and to the WHite House they wouldn’t even honor their contracts. I hope the show sues them. A lot of other people would have been grateful to be in their shoes.

  2. Robin Says:
    May 5th, 2012 at 5:40 am

    I thought this was the worst season ever – I love the show normally and there are always those who you like more than others but frankly the only people I liked were the trainers. Actually, I thought Conda and Britt were awful, spiteful and hateful people. They were backbiting everyone in their way. I want a competition and I realize this is a game ultimately, but I don’t want to watch a bunch of people slitting each others throats. I hope next season is better or I won’t plan to watch. As it was, I hit and missed watching this season.

  3. Debbie Says:
    May 7th, 2012 at 6:16 am

    So, Baby Buddy … who already got a trip to Hawaii, the White House and hopefully a permanent life style change then subsequently quit felt entitled to a van.
    Not sure what to make of Jeremy … who also considered the twist unfair but still perservered through the final endurance challenge and utimately won the grand prize only to pander to this over grown child.

  4. Robin Says:
    May 8th, 2012 at 9:48 am

    I will not watch the next season if it’s anything like this season. Conda should have been disqualified earlier on. She did nothing but cause problems the entire time.
    It was not a very inspirational show this season. I thought it was the worst season ever very disappointed.


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