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Skylar Laine Shares Her Thoughts On Her American Idol Journey

May 04, 2012 03:48 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night on American Idol, the voters decided that it was Skylar Laine who would be sent packing, just shy of making the final four. Earlier, we heard that Skylar was relieved to be out of the competition, and later this afternoon, the down home country girl shared more thoughts about her journey on the show. Read on for the full interview.

American Idol fans watched as Skylar Laine was eliminated last night, and in a conference call today with reporters, Skylar assured us all that she will not stray from her country roots. Skylar Laine insisted that she will never be a “Pop/Country” artist, but strictly country – she is even planning to move to Nashville. What else did Skylar have to say about her time on the show and her future?

Skylar Laine’s thoughts on her elimination, and whether or not she would have done anything differently:

I was not surprised, it’s never a surprise on Thursdays. You never know what’s going to happen. This season has been very unpredictable, and it’s going to keep being that way. I was just happy to make it as far as I did. I really think that I showed everything I could. I showed ballads, I showed upbeat songs, I showed passion, I showed anger in my songs. I really think that I showed a lot of stuff. I wouldn’t change a thing that I did on the show. I was trying to please the viewers and judges. Maybe it was my time to go. I just didn’t get enough votes.

Whether or not Skylar’s decision to promote Country music only was a conscious decision, and her thoughts on her Country music idols:

It was definitely a conscious decision. I know and have accepted the fact that if I get to make an album, and I have a single out, they’re probably only going to be played on Country radio, because that’s just the way it is. That’s the way my songs are going to sound. I’m fine with it, because I want to make real Country music, like the good ole Country stuff. That is what is going to make me happy, and that’s what comes out when I write. For me, it would be my dream to write with Miranda Lambert and do a duet with her. Miranda and Justin Moore are my personal idols. I would love to do a duet with both of them and write with both of them. Hopefully one day I will be able to.

On her audition and the stress of American Idol:

I have actually wanted to audition for two years, and this year I finally got the chance. I was like, “I’m just going to go out for it – I don’t think I’ll make it past the first round,” but I did. And now, the top five…it’s incredible and unbelievable to think that I made it this far. This has been the most stressful time, but the thing is that I loved it. When I said I was relieved, it was because I won’t have to have that crazy hectic schedule. I won’t have to worry about my song choices or being judged. I’m relieved about all that.

Who Skylar Laine would love to go out for a night on the town with:

I would probably pick Steven Tyler to go out for a night on the town, because you know he’s crazy. We would have fun.

The best advice she received from the judges:

The best advice I received was not to let anyone change me as an artist. I’m not a Pop/Country singer. I never will be. I need to sing the kind of Country music that I want to sing. That is what comes out when I write.

Her closest friends on the show:

I’m closest with Joshua Ledet and Hollie Cavanaugh. We always had a bunch of funny stuff we’d say. I would wake Hollie up with a duck call sometimes, and that was pretty funny.

What she is looking forward to about the tour and what she is planning for the tour:

I’m looking forward to meeting all of the fans on the tour, because they’re the ones that have gotten me this far, and they’re the ones that are still supporting me now. I’m looking forward to meeting them and seeing all the places that we’re going, and finally feeling like I’ve made it – by being on the stage and giving a concert. I’m definitely planning to sing Country. I don’t want to have to sing Pop. On the show, of course, we have to sing what they give us. I just want to sing Country music. Hopefully I’ll get to sing some of my songs.

What’s next for Skylar:

After the tour, I’m going to be moving to Nashville. That’s where Country music is, and that’s where country artists record, so that is where I want to be. I have songs that I’ve written before, and I have stuff that needs to be finished. I want to write with other people. Anything that they can have me do, I’m really excited about.

We’re sure that Skylar Laine has a great future ahead of her, but many fans are bummed that we won’t get to see her perform next week. Do you think America got it right last night? Comment and let us know, and then check back tonight for our full interview with Skylar Laine!

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