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Dancing With The Stars Recap: Fist-Pumping Grandmas, Skinny Fries, and a Chmerkovskiy Sandwich

May 07, 2012 07:28 PM by Candace Young

Last week, TV’s Erkel, Jaleel White, came to the end of the road in the dance duel. This week on Dancing With The Stars it’s a dreaded double elimination, and the first-ever trio dances. Keep reading for highlights…

Donald Driver‘s first dance tonight is the tango. Peta’s ballroom dominatrix look is initially more striking than the routine, but in the end it’s a sassy tango set to upbeat music – it works! Len calls it a ‘first-round knockout’! Bruno drools over Peta’s stilettos, and Carrie Ann says they were in the zone, but suggests more drama, which ignites an argument among the panel! They get ’9′s across the board for ‘27‘!

Maria Menounos is dancing the Viennese waltz with Derek, who last week berated her for not being feminine enough. No problem tonight – she’s a girly vision in a long glittery gown and her performance is lyrical and elegant. Maria cries when Bruno waxes on about the emotion in the dance. Len draws boos from the crowd for saying he is disappointed in the choreography – he wanted more dancing in hold. Carrie Ann and Bruno give ’10′s to counteract Len’s ’8′ – for a total of ‘28‘!

After a frustrating rehearsal in which Maks turned the air blue with curse words and accused Melissa Gilbert of making him look like a terrorist, the pair do their foxtrot live.  Maks is adorable in nerd glasses, and Melissa seems more in control after an initial few stumbles. The judges all note the mistakes, but otherwise feel it was Melissa’s best dance. Bruno purrs over her cougarific dress! Before they get their scores, Melissa tears up as Maks apologizes for being too intense in practice. The judges all give ’8′s, for ‘24‘!

During her practice, Katherine Jenkins is swung around by Mark, and hits her back – and backside – numerous times on the floor! They perform the Viennese waltz looking oddly like a newsboy and a bride. Katherine is fantastic, even as she gets her ass bounced off the floor again! Bruno teases that she ‘likes it rough’! Carrie Ann draws disapproval for pointing out that Katherine lost her balance. Carrie Ann gives them an ’8′, earning a glare from Len, who along with Bruno, awards a ’9′. They have ‘26‘.

Roshon Fegan invites his diminutive grandmothers over to the studio to sit in on rehearsal – cute overload! He and Chelsie dance the foxtrot in 50′s era outfits. They are so chipper and perky, and act out their parts perfectly. Roshon’s grandmothers sob and fist-pump with pride in the audience, and the judges love it! They net ’10′s from Carrie Ann and Bruno, and a ’9′ from Len for ‘29‘!

Cheryl Burke receives birthday flowers from William Levy this week in rehearsal, proving he’s not only hot, but romantic and thoughtful as well. Sigh… The pair perform a foxtrot to Stray Cat Strut. It’s just sexy enough, and William looks like a Casanova moving around the floor – the crowd goes wild! Carrie Ann exclaims, “Meow!” All three judges give ’10′s – yes, a ten from Len! They have ‘30‘, and the highest mark of round one!

Trio Round

In the trio round, an eliminated pro or member of the Dancing With The Stars troupe helps out each couple. Donald is in, ahem, a threesome with Peta and Karina. Donald feels it’s do or die – you either do it or go to Jimmy Kimmel! The trio perform a jive and Donald proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can handle two women – the routine is high-energy, fun and fantastic! Len loves it, Bruno crows about how hard it is to stay in sync in a threesome, and Carrie Ann shouts, “I love your three-way!” Carrie Ann gives a ’10′, but Len and Bruno bring loud boos with ’9′s. They have ‘28‘.

Maria and Derek have chosen Henry (from the troupe) to join them for a Bollywood -themed samba. It’s a kick! Maria shakes her moneymaker while the guys whirl around her! It doesn’t look much like a samba, but hey… Bruno says it was creatively wonderful, and Carrie Ann agrees, but both point out some errors. Len calls it false advertising – there was no connection to a samba! Len gives a ’7′ and the other two score ’9′s for ‘25‘.

Tonight Melissa Gilbert is living the dream of many female viewers as she gets to be in a threesome with the brothers Chmerkovskiy; Maks and Val! Fueling the imaginations, the boys are costumed in black leather with pecs and abs on display – bring on the sizzling samba! Melissa’s looking hot herself in black and silver and handles the Chmerkovskiy sandwich admirably. The luckiest woman on earth ends the routine with one hand on each of their perfect butts! Bruno slyly observes that it took two men to bring out the best in Melissa. They get ’9′s across the board for ‘27‘ – Melissa’s highest score yet!

Katherine and Mark bring Tristan on board. Katherine giggles her way through rehearsal – she loves being ‘ping-ponged’ between them! The trio performs the cha cha cha. Mark and Tristan look like The Blues Brothers or Men In Black. Katherine is also in a man’s suit, but the guys rip it off to reveal a sexy little dress. It gets caught under her foot and she kicks it across the stage – nice recovery! The performance seems brief, but the dance is smokin’! Carrie Ann and Bruno give ’10′s, and Len a ’9′, for a total of ‘28‘.

Roshon and Chelsie have selected uber-confident, Sascha, to join them for the pasa doble. Sascha assures Roshon he’s never lost anything, so Roshon will definitely go on to the next round! That’s a big promise considering Roshon’s been in the bottom two the past few weeks and it’s a double elimination this time around! Roshon and Sascha are toreadors and Chelsie’s in a gorgeous sapphire blue gown – it’s intense and sensual – the judges love it except for some lapses in synchronization. Len hollers that the guys looked like two skinny fries chasing the ketchup! All the judges give ’9′s for ‘27‘.

Ole! Tony has joined William and Cheryl for their trio dance. William has to bring up his performance level to match Tony’s in the pasa doble. William picks up where the Chmerkovskiys left off, stirring up fantasies in a mask and cape. He wins his woman from Tony by the end of the dance. A flushed Carrie Ann stammers about how hot the trios are. Bruno growls at the ‘raging bulls’ that they used Cheryl like a cape, but points out they lost sync. They net ‘27‘ with a ’9′ from all three judges.

William and Cheryl top the leader board, and Melissa and Maks are at the bottom,  going into tomorrow night’s results show.

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