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Interior Therapy Recap: Large & Not So In Charge

May 09, 2012 08:34 PM by Shayla Perry

Bigger isn’t always better, ladies! At least not when it comes to furniture. That’s the lesson Jeff Lewis tried to teach one very demanding homeowner on tonight’s episode of Interior Therapy on Bravo. So what led him to walk out on the job on Day 2?

First a little history….

Rob and Gretchen are both pharmaceuticals reps and have been married for 11 years. And for those 11 years, Gretchen has taken charge of everything in their relationship — from the way they decorate their house to…we don’t want to know what else.

That also includes the insanely HUGE furniture that’s all over the house, leaving little room for the couple to get around or…we don’t want to know what else.

Right off the bat, Jeff looooves Rob and Gretchen, but that lasts a good two minutes. After he gets a taste of Gretchen’s style and her attitude, both of which she takes no responsibility for, the design plan becomes very clear: Get rid of everything oversized; except Rob.

In fact, their goal is to put more of Rob into the house, and maybe they’ll have some money left over in the budget to buy him a backbone.

Once the movers get there, things start moving FAST, which Rob loves. Gretchen on the other hand….

When she starts questioning whether things were put into the right boxes or not, Jeff loses it as only Jeff Lewis can, telling her that she’s a hoarder and a waste of his time.

While Jenni tries to smooth everything out, Jeff walks out…all the way to his house.

Sooooo, what now?

Furniture shopping, of course. Because we all know that always goes well. Maybe this will be a first.

Maybe not.

After clearing the air, Gretchen had the nerve to question the size of every piece of furniture Jeff suggested. Really?

Zoila comes in to help, but between the new contractor who’s decided to buy baseboards without Jeff’s approval, Gretchen being — well, Gretchen, and the 10 years worth of rat poop above the kitchen cabinets, Jeff’s in need of a little something more (no offense, Zoila).

After complaining about the lack of progress being made, Jeff’s impromptu water fight with Jenni ticks off the new contractor.

Not surprisingly, the reveal goes well (because, when doesn’t it?). What is a surprise is that Gretchen seems like a new person! Maybe she was just claustrophobic, and all that big furniture just made her grouchy!

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