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Survivor: One World Recap — Playing Both Sides

May 09, 2012 06:40 PM by Ryan Haidet

The extraordinarily frustrating season of Survivor: One World continued tonight with Kim pulling all the strings once again.  Nobody seems brave enough to make a big move in the game without passing it by her first, which has created one of the most uneventful seasons of the show I’ve ever seen.  These players are truly awful.  Possibly the worst combination of castaways in the show’s 24-season history.  Who was sent packing tonight and which five players are left in the running for this Sunday’s season finale?  Read on to find out!

Same Story, Different People

In typical Tarzan fashion, he delivered a very odd performance in tonight’s episode, which began with a weird confessional.  He said that he has a sub-plot in plan where he thinks he can make it all the way to the top three, but he wouldn’t reveal it — despite being in confessional — until he made it to the final four first.  That’s simply proof right there that Tarzan truly did not have a plan the entire time he was in Samoa.

When they all returned to camp after voting Kat out, Tarzan did some double talking.  First, he told Kim that she should take him to the top four and then vote him out.  Once he makes it to the jury, he vowed to hype her up to everybody else and campaign for her to win the game.  A few minutes later, he told Alicia the exact same thing.  I know people say the game changes day by day and getting to the next step does make a big difference, but pleading to get voted out in fourth place is crazy.  That is the dumbest argument I’ve ever seen.  Was he hoping they would take him to the top four and then he’d slide into the final three by winning Immunity?  No way!  Dweeb.

Challenge Choosing

Prior to the Reward challenge, Chelsea idiotically told Christina that she would choose her to join in whatever prize.  Surprise, Chelsea won the challenge and made the same mistake we’ve seen numerous times this season (again, stupid players) and took people she didn’t make a promise to.  Instead of bringing Christina with her to enjoy a night on a yacht with a shower, food and alcohol, she took Kim and Sabrina.

Once they were on the yacht, Chelsea jumped into the shower before going on deck and telling Kim it feels like they are on their honeymoon together.  “I think we can do it,” Kim said referencing their changes of making it to the final three together.  And despite playing both sides, Kim even said that people back at camp were ever doubting her.

Flash to camp as Alicia, Christina and Tarzan were working on a plan to get Chelsea out of the game next.  The two women couldn’t believe Chelsea didn’t take them on the Reward.  To sweeten the deal, Tarzan suggested that they both take him to the end of the game because he is the easiest to beat.

Fishy Immunity & Non-Surprising Tribal Council

The Immunity challenge was a replica of one we’ve seen before with the castaways solving a hanging fish-skeleton puzzle with one hand tied behind their back.  Jeff Probst’s commentary during this challenge was so intense I actually thought he was gonna pop a vein.  He was shouting the play-by-play like I’ve never seen as Alicia crossed the finish line first and claimed the Immunity necklace.

Back at camp, Tarzan strangely called Alicia a bitch for beating him in the challenge because he felt victory should have been his.  Huh?  After their small spat, Tarzan and Alicia were walking through the woods together and agreed they were still on the same page — to get Chelsea out of the game next.

Little did Tarzan know that Kim had already slithered in and swallowed his plan whole.  She had gone to Alicia and told her everything Tarzan had said to her about hyping up the jury.  When Alicia realized he had been telling her the exact same story, she no longer had any reason to trust him.  So, at Tribal Counil, the five remaining Tikiano women voted Tarzan out of the game.  His exit from the game is one of the strangest I’ve ever seen.  Wearing Kat’s pink tank top, he turned to the crowd and thanked them all as Michael flipped him off from the jury.

Other Highlights

Although this season hasn’t been the most exciting, I have to give props to the challenge department.  What they created for tonight’s Reward competition was so cool.  Having each contestant make themselves dizzy by spinning a series of round puzzle pieces off posts was creative and exciting to watch.  It was a first for the show and I hope to see that challenge again soon (instead of the lame fish puzzle).

And despite Kim’s obvious control of the game (at least to the viewers, the final five women seem almost oblivious to it.  She is skating her way to the end and getting away with it.  On the other end of the spectrum, Alicia was on a power trip during tonight’s episode by repeatedly declaring in self-described “ghetto” style, that she’s the sole person in charge of the game.  Ugh.

We’re now down to Chelsea, Kim, Alicia, Sabrina and Christina.  Who will win the $1 million prize and title of sole Survivor?  We find out this Sunday when the winner is crowned at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City.  Who do you think deserves to win the entire season?  Who doesn’t deserve to win?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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3 Responses to “Survivor: One World Recap — Playing Both Sides”

  1. stewie Says:
    May 10th, 2012 at 9:17 am

    Now that all the males are gone it doesn’t really matter to me which female wins Survivor. I like most of the challenges and I hope the finale on Sunday is a good one.

  2. clayton Says:
    May 10th, 2012 at 10:32 am

    This season is frustrating…Kim is playing a great game because its the perceived power that gets you voted out, not actual power. Tarzan, I feel, actually did have a plan. He just didn’t have enough social credit built up so to speak for the others to believe it. The way i see his plan was basically to vocalize the summation of what is going on in the game strategically to the weaker players and to have them make a big move against Kim and/or Chelsea. He flat out told Alicia that they are a team going to the top and that a big move is needed if she wanted to be in the top three WITH a chance to win. but nobody took what Tarzan saw with any merit, so he just spelled out the relationships and plot lines that everyone else seems cloudy on, and was voted out because of the other players stupidity…

  3. jim lee Says:
    May 11th, 2012 at 1:12 am

    Kim will win the game. Kim is by far one the best and smartest players ever play the game.Kim have control of the game. And Kim have control over all the players in the game. One side of players wanted vote Chelsea out. Because Kim is so smart and know how play both sides of players. Kim was able to get Alicia and Christina to change their vote from chelsea. Kim was able to save Chelsea from getting voted out of the game. That is how good Kim how playing the game.


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