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Punk’d Recap: Dax Shepard Delivers Pocket Dialers, Dumpster Divers and World Peace

May 10, 2012 08:54 PM by Shayla Perry

Tonight on MTV, original Punk’d cast member Dax Shepard returns to wreck havoc on a few celebs and to show all these youngin’s how it’s done. But by the end of the episode, one thing is pretty clear: Dax should totally be a permanent part of this reboot, because 1. He’s far better than any of the other people on there now, and 2. After all these years and the many other shows and movies he’s done, no one else seems to recognize him!

The first prank of the night is for actress Chloe Moretz. The girl is like 14 going on 40, and so far, hasn’t been ruined by Hollywood, so how well will she handle getting caught in the middle of her limo driver’s love triangle?

Poor Chloe thinks she’s on her way to an event with her brother, when the driver gets “butt dialed” by his wife, who he overhears having a conversation about condoms with her luv-ah, played by Dax.

Wanting to confront her right away, the guy drives to his house with Chloe in tow and jumps out to yell at his wife and her “friend” (who Chloe doesn’t recognize — poor Dax).

The best part may have been Dax telling the guy that his car battery died and asks if he can jump in the limo and get a ride home. Chloe immediately locks the doors and tells him that she’s going to call the cops.

Not exactly the best prank ever, but we’re liking that they did it old school, and kept it going a lot longer than they have for others this season.

Next up, Ron Artest Metta World Peace, who’s peaceful ways are put to the test when he’s blocked in a parking garage.

Dax decides to come from behind-the-scenes and start asking Ron Metta for an autograph and picture, too. And AGAIN no recognition! Seriously, Dax. Just come back.


On to MTV’s own Lauren Conrad, who sees a woman fall into a dumpster which is emptied into a trash truck. LC and her friends try to convince the truck driver that someone’s in there, but he doesn’t believe them.

Finally, the woman is rescued and emerges from the back of the truck covered in pure nastiness with a great big hug for Lauren (in her bright, white tank top).

What did you think of tonight’s pranks? Who got Punk’d the hardest — Chloe, Ron Metta, or Lauren?

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2 Responses to “Punk’d Recap: Dax Shepard Delivers Pocket Dialers, Dumpster Divers and World Peace”

  1. Robin Says:
    May 11th, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    I just saw the end and only caught Lauren’s prank. That was the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. So fake, none of it made any sense, and it wasn’t even really a prank.

    I hope the other ones were better, because this one was disappointing!

  2. Shayla Perry Says:
    May 12th, 2012 at 8:46 am

    The other ones were far better, but still not great. Lauren’s could’ve (and probably should’ve) just been cut out of the episode. This new reboot is nowhere near as good as the old shows. Never thought I’d actually miss Ashton Kutcher! Lol


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