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Jenny McCarthy Talks About What’s New In Season Two Of Love In The Wild

May 11, 2012 09:00 AM by Lisa Princ

NBC’s Love In The Wild returns next month for the show’s second season with brand new host, Jenny McCarthy. In case you were wondering what we can expect to see, Jenny took some time to chat with the media yesterday, where she dished on the new season! Read on for more…

Love In The Wild returns on June 7, 2012 for a brand new season, and a brand new host, Jenny McCarthy. What can fans look forward to this season with Jenny? Jenny shared some of the scoop with reporters yesterday.

Jenny McCarthy on the changes this season:

Last season, they were in the Costa Rica jungle, which was too extreme and tough for the couples as they could not get as romantic. This season, we are in the Dominican Republic, which has breathtaking beaches. Yes, there are jungles as well for the adventure, but it’s a good combination. This was a key change that the show needed and it does show. Of course another change is me as the host, and instead of being just a deliverer of rules, I wanted to bring more of what I did on Singled Out. I was able to cheer on the girls, make fun of the guys, give them wrong directions and then tell them I was kidding. I added more flavor to the series, I believe. The accommodations are also different this year.

On what else she feels she brought to the show that it lacked before:

When they first asked me, I thought ‘I have to know that the format works,’ so I sat down and watched every episode back to back. I learned that the format did work, but it was missing a more romantic place and more pizzazz from the host. You need to have fun with them. Being a girl, we know how to gossip more and get someone to admit something more than a guy can – no offense. It worked, I was able to charm it up and do what I wanted to do. I had fun cheering on the girls and messing with the guys.

Her experience taping the show, and whether or not she was able to find romance there:

We went down there for 4 weeks and shot everyday. We stayed at a place that was secure and nice. I had my son there with me the entire time, which I like to do. Being a single mom, I have to take him everywhere. It was an incredible experience – Evan fell in love with the island, and I fell in love with culture. I had a ball working with these youngsters. I would not want to go through some of the things they went through. I mean, we put them through a lot. To go through the adventures and the catfights. I found it entertaining but also educational. As for finding romance, there was no time for that for me. I was very busy memorizing 4 hours per night, so there was no time for me to check out the candy at the candy store, if you will. I was trying to make my part the best it could be.

On her interaction with the contestants, and what we can expect out of them this season:

I had interaction the entire time I was there. I would kick off of the adventure, would hang with them and explain the rules to them. Then, I would be there at the finish line, to check the items that they brought back and deliver the good or bad news. I would be at the couple session, which was like a tribal council, and explain what was going on with the love scale. I am glad that I was not with them on the advnetures or in their cabins. But I felt I got to know each one of them well.

Me and my sister, who was on the job with me, were really surprised by the contestants. Some of the ones who started off as really sweet turned out to the biggest brats, and the ones who were the brats turned out to the nicest people. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I was really hoping for a certain couple to fall in love, and it happened, and I can’t wait for everyone else to see who it is.

Most shocking part of the season for Jenny:

One of the most shocking parts for me was that these kids were doing such dangerous adventures. I mean, I couldn’t believe what we were askng them to do. And ironically, I was the one who wound up on crutches, as I pulled my hamstring. I felt like a real wuss. That was the real surprise – that I was the injured one while these poor kids managed to make it through the adventures with no injuries.

Are you looking forward the second season of Love In The Wild on NBC? Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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