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Survivor One World Finale Recap: Playing The Game To Win

May 13, 2012 07:09 PM by Candace Young

Last time on Survivor: One World, the five remaining Tikiano women voted Tarzan, aka Greg Smith, out of the game. Tonight, on finale weekend, we’ll find out which of the women will win the title of sole survivor and take home $1 million dollars. Will Kim continue to dominate? Keep reading to find out what happens…

The first-ever all-female final five return to camp congratulating themselves on kicking the last man to the curb. Alicia is confident that Sabrina and Chelsea will be the next two to go.  Kim tells Sabrina that she’s most worried about Chelsea because people will vote for her. Sabrina is taken aback, thinking they were all tight. She seems to wake up to the possibility that anything is possible – even her butt may be on the line!

Jeff Probst meets the girls for the immunity challenge. It looks fun! It’s a race across a balance beam maze and rope net to collect puzzle pieces – it’s all about unlocking a combination lock in the end.  Christina and Kim take an early lead, but the others aren’t far behind. Christina and Kim both fall off and go back to start!

Alicia and Chelsea are the first to reach the puzzle pieces. Chelsea gets all her puzzle piece bags untied first and is ready to start solving. Jeff moseys behind the contestants as they struggle to put their puzzles together yammering about their progress. They seem to wish he’d shut-up! Kim solves first and must use the clues to figure out the combination – she’s wrong twice, and things get more intense. It comes down to Kim and Chelsea frantically trying different combinations. Kim finally nails it and gets immunity.

Back at camp, Kim claims her head is about to explode – not sure if it’s from considering options or overconfidence. The only thing she’s sure of is that it’s a no-brainer to take Christina to the final.  Chelsea’s clearly in jeopardy, but she doesn’t think Kim will backstab her. Hmm. Kim goes and tells Christina and Alicia that Chelsea will go and they share a bit of a laugh at her not realizing it.

At Tribal Council, Jeff calls in the jury. Jeff grills the girls about the ‘vibe’ in camp that afternoon, but the ladies are pretty tight-lipped. Kat shakes her head when Kim tells Jeff that loyalty is huge in the game. Alicia says she’s been with Kim since day one, which provokes a whispered, “You’ve got to be kidding,” from Troyzana, and a head shake from Sabrina.  Voting commences. It’s between Alicia and Chelsea. The 14th person voted out – Alicia. After, she says she gave up her power when she voted out Tarzan. She adds that Christina sucks.

Back at camp, Chelsea feels like Kim saved her ass, and knows she’s lucky to still be there. Christina gets the next communication. They are told to go visit the torches and nameplates of those who were eliminated before them and reflect on how they helped get them to the final four. After remembering them all, and the journey, they burn the stakes on the beach.

The final immunity challenge involves maneuvering bowls on a stick through a steel channel and placing the bowl on the top. They must place 10 bowls without hitting the structure (reminds me of Operation where you can’t touch the sides!) and knocking the bowls off. Hope the wind doesn’t blow! It’s a pretty nerve-wracking business. It ends up being between Christina and Kim, with Chelsea a bowl behind and Sabrina too far behind to matter. Kim places her tenth bowl and wins another immunity!

Back at the beach, Kim tells Christina it’s basically the plan to give her the boot. She pretty much shrugs it off and decides to enjoy her last day. Woah. Knowing that Christina isn’t even going to fight for it colors Kim’s strategy. Not that she seems to need one – none of the girls challenge her in any way.

At Tribal Council, Christina resignedly tells Jeff that she’s the one who’s going home. Jeff remarks on her choosing to just lay down and die – he can’t understand it. She says it’s not like she gave up (maybe that’s because she never really tried?). Kat and Alicia eyeball each other as Kim tells Jeff things aren’t always as clear as they seem.  They vote. Sabrina and Christina vote for each other. Jeff tallies the votes and Christina is indeed done.

The morning finds Sabrina in tears at how far she’s come and the idea of going back to real life. Chelsea and Kim joke about pleading to the jury that they have no boobs left. They get fruit, croissants, and champers at the tree – breakie in a crate!

They meet up with the jury once again at the Tribal Council that night. Chelsea elects to stand for her opening statement. She talks about trusting Kim through the whole game and mapping it all out. She says her game changed at the merge and describes how she had to check out emotionally to continue – a bit confusing.  Kim tells the jury she loves the game and likens it to poker. She hopes they all can forgive her for writing their name down and see that it’s a game – straight talk. Sabrina talks about how she strategized by stepping down sometimes. She’s sure to mention that she teaches inner-city kids and got laid off.

Now it’s the jury’s turn. Jonas calls Sabrina out for sucking on the challenges, says Chelsea’s the hottest chick, and asks Kim why she didn’t take Christina. Kim says with a straight face that Christina was a threat. Christina asks Kim who she would take out next – she says Chelsea because she’d have a better chance of winning against Sabrina. Cutie Jay congratulates the girls and asks Sabrina about being so laid back. She essentially says she didn’t want to become unpopular by winning all the challenges. Michael stands up and notes that Kim took all the blame for all the blindsides she did – he says the jury will have to decide if that was smart, or incredibly stupid.

Tarzan gives a flowery speech about his wife placing her footprints on the island and feeling her breath and love.  He ends in tears. Chelsea tells him his romance opened up her heart to what she wants in a partner. Leif talks about how difficult it was to get voted off. Kim admits she was never sure whether she could trust him. Alicia gets her chance to speak. She tells Kim they were both kingpins with pawns. She brags that if they hadn’t got her out, she would have had more chance of winning than any of them! Okay. Troyzan assures the girls he doesn’t hate their guts. He asks Kim when she made the decision to destroy his chances. She says when Jonas was taken out. Kat tells the girls she was hurt to be voted out, and was destroyed by Kim. She tells them she’s having open heart surgery next year and doesn’t have time to stay angry – she’ll vote based on who she feels played the best game.

The final vote commences. They must wait until they get back to the United States for the tally.

Jeff arrives with the votes to screams from the crowd. He tells Sabrina, Chelsea, and Kim that one of them is about to be rewarded for playing the game for 39 days.  Kim wins with 5 votes to Sabrina’s 2. Chelsea didn’t receive any votes. It seems like it’s only right – Kim played the game from start to finish.

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