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Survivor: One World Reunion Recap: Love Secret, Kooky Energy, and a Bitch With Teeth

May 13, 2012 08:02 PM by Candace Young

Earlier tonight, Kim won the title of sole survivor and one million dollars on the season finale of Survivor: One World. Now it’s time for the Survivor: One World reunion, the part of Finale Weekend where everyone comes clean about their thoughts and strategies while on the show. Keep reading for highlights…

At the reunion, Kim tells Jeff her big move was getting to know every person on Survivor: One World. She explains that the guys had to go. Jeff calls Mike out on letting Colton convince them to give up immunity at one point. He wishes he’d stuck to his guns and said no. Tarzan tries to explain with words Jeff will understand that he used Colton as a shield and knew what he was doing.

Chelsea is put on the mat to explain how Kim managed to control them all. Chelsea says she basically mesmerized them with her personality. Troyzan agrees that Kim made those playing in fear feel comfortable. Jonas tells Jeff he would have made bigger moves if he could do it all over again. Jeff concedes that big moves are imperative.

Now it’s time for Colton to get on the hot seat for the things he’s said on the show. Colton owns what he said, but admits that watching it back he saw a very, very mean person. He concedes that he chose to play a bitch with teeth over a sweet southern belle. Jeff wants to know if he’s the person he saw on the show – a racist, a bigot. Colton insists he is not a racist – he’d make out with Shemar Moore faster than anyone. He says his comments made him look ignorant, and he was out of his comfort zone, but adds that in his favor, everyone said the show got boring after he left.

Colton’s mother, Martha, reluctantly spends Mother’s Day defending her son. She says he wasn’t raised racist and she’s not proud of the things he said – she feels he was trying to play a game and he isn’t really that way. She apologizes to anyone he offended. She chastises Colton to remember that people have feelings.  Jeff admits that he is surprised that someone who came out of the closet and received acceptance would be like Colton was. Mayim Bialik weighs in to say that Colton is complex and she would have liked to see more of him. Colton apologizes to the people he hurt.

Tarzan tells Jeff how he was given the nickname as a boy in a fall from a tree. Jeff grills him about being a plastic surgeon. Tarzan confirms that he actually operated on people and that his patients loved seeing him on the show. Jeff says his love of his wife really touched him. Terri is in the audience and she says they respect each other and never lie – that’s the secret.

Kat’s kooky energy is the next topic of discussion. Kat talks about her outlook on life and confirms that she is in good health going into her open heart surgery next year. Alicia takes the opportunity to apologize for saying she was a special needs teacher on the show in the context that she did – she cries that she loves her students.

Jeff reveals that Kim won the audience votes as well as the jury’s and clean sweeps another honor.

Jeff asks Leif if he felt the pressure of representing his community. He says he did, and it hurt what Colton had to say about it, but he’s also come out of it feeling great.  Monica, the supermom, says she’ll never forget smelling her NFL hubby in the airport when she finally went home. Bill, the comedian, says he got a standing ovation when some of his Survivor co-stars and their families came to see his stand-up routine.

Christina is asked by Jeff if she felt bullied by Colton and Alicia. She tells Jeff she took it as a strategy and it was in the course of the game.

Jeff says next season three castaways who were airlifted out on their seasons will return to try their luck again in…Survivor: The Philippines!

Kim will receive her million dollar check tomorrow on The Talk on CBS.

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