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Dancing With The Stars Recap: You’re A Big, Rough, Tough, Cream Puff

May 14, 2012 07:04 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, two couples were eliminated, which meant that tonight kicked off the semi-finals. But who was able to kick it up notch in an attempt to secure a spot in the finale? Read on for all the highlights!

Dancing With The Stars kicked off the semi-finals tonight with what was probably one of the best semi-finals the show has seen to date. Katherine Jenkins, William Levy, Donald Driver, and Maria Menounos are by far the most talented group of semi-finalists, but how did they fare tonight? Tonight, each team took on two routines, so let us break it down for you.

Round One

Latin hottie, William Levy set the stage on fire with his Tango, but not before his partner, Cheryl Burke shared her doubts about him during the rehearsals. Yes, 9 weeks ago, Cheryl was not so sure William would come this far! The routine was smoking, leaving Bruno looking as though he was going to rip through William’s clothes – yeah, too much visual there. After the performance, Len revealed that he “has never been this excited since my mom bought me long trousers.” What? Yeah, that’s what I said also. The hot routine earned them a 28.

Katherine Jenkins then decided to show us Mark Ballas in his tighty whities, as she accidentally pulled down his pants during rehearsals – did we mention he has a nice bum? The pair then “dirty boogied” their way to the top with an awesome quickstep, that left Carrie Ann Inaba gushing that it was the best dance she has ever seen. Despite her thoughts, Len was not giving out any tens to them, and Katherine earned a 29.

Surprised by how well dressed he was tonight, since he usually manages to make our over the top list more than anyone else, Donald Driver took on a tantalizing Waltz for his first routine tonight. It was beautiful and mushy, and we watched as Peta Murgatrod brought out Donald’s feminine side during rehearsals. Funniest compliment of the night: “You’re a big, rough, tough, creampuff,” Len Goodman noted to Donald before the couple got their score of 28.

Scantily clad for her routine, Maria Menounos and Derek Hough tackled the Argentine Tango. It was a perfect performance, which is just what Maria needed after almost emotionally breaking down during rehearsals. Luckily for Maria, Derek is the consoling type of fellow! All three judges loved the performance, and Bruno threw Len off when he started to pet Len, as he gushed to Maria that it was like “a series of caresses.” Maria and Derek earned a 30 in this round.

Round Two

Was it a Chippendale dancer? No, but that is what William Levy was going for with his Tango. He looked a little odd when he first came out in his pink, satin shirt, but the mood quickly shifted when William started to get his booty shaking! That’s right, it was a rump-shaking kind of Tango for William, and all of the women in the audience went wild. The performance was flawless and a ton of fun. Bruno, of course was the first to start gushing that it was a “pleasure zone,” which left Len looking like he was about to vomit. Another perfect 30 was then given out to these two.

For Katherine Jenkin’s second routine, she took on a salsa with Mark Ballas. The dance was good, but I could not take my eyes off their corny, belly dancing attire – it was very distracting. At the end of the routine, it appeared that Katherine messed up, and after the performance, Tom told us she was going to get medical attention. Katherine was in tears while standing on stage, whether is was from her back (which she seemed to hurt), or the fact that she messed up, we may never know. We’ll find out more about her injury tomorrow – don’t you love when they leave us hanging? In any event, the belly dancing number earned them a 27.

Donald Driver shocked us again with his Samba, simply because he donned two great costumes this week! No, I am not kidding. Not only was his costume perfect, but Donald had some awesome footwork going as well, which was kind of nice to see after seeing his children rooting him on. “You took a big risk and you won,” Bruno gushed, while Carrie Ann was left speechless. Donald and Peta Murgatroyd earned a 29 for this routine, leaving them slightly disappointed that again, Len would not give out a ten.

Maria Menounos, we learned was pretty much deprived of her childhood as she was put to work at an early age. But we all know what a fighter Maria is, and she proved that with her next routine, the Jive. Maria and Derek looked adorable, and the routine was very quirky and fun to watch. Maria, of course gave all the credit to Derek for teaching her how to earn a perfect 10, but could she do it again? Nope, Len was stingy with the tens tonight. Despite the fact that Carrie Ann called it “another stunner,” the couple took home a 29.

Be sure to vote tonight! In the top spot was Maria Menounos and Derek Hough, and in the bottom was Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas. Who will you be rooting for to go on to the finale? Comment and share your thoughts below!

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