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Why Justin Bieber’s Beer Admission Will Boost His Album Sales (It’s All About the “Swag, Swag!”)

May 17, 2012 07:57 AM by Shayla Perry

Justin Bieber admitting to GQ that he’s “had a beer,” was no big surprise to anyone over the age of 8. He may be a pop superstar, but he’s still human; a human who gets pimples and drinks beer. But with the teen idol’s team of handlers plotting and planning his every move, we’re sure there was more to Justin’s interview than meets the eye. Just like we’re sure the Biebs has only tried beer once (wink!). So why would he risk suffering the wrath of  his fans’ parents?

It’s simple.

While those parents are busy penning their carefully crafted letters to Bieber, telling MTV‘s Punk’d star that they’re disappointed in his behavior and that they’ll no longer allow their children to purchase his music, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are finally giving themselves permission to proudly blast “Boyfriend” in their cars.

Yes, all because of one beer. Just one (wink!).

And that’s exactly what we’re assuming his team wanted.


Justin’s new album, Believe, as cheesy as the title may sound, is a bit of a departure from what we’ve heard from the singer thus far. More Justin Timberlake-esque and less Jonas Brothers-y. Bieber is growing up, and as he does, that fever needs to spread to an older generation; a generation that doesn’t for one second “believe” in that squeaky clean image that he’s been pushing for years (after all, we saw the pics of him and Selena Gomez on the beach!).

Admitting to having “had a beer,” being careful to add, “But I never get out of control,” is Justin’s way of gaining acceptance with an older crowd; proving that he’s got “swag (swag!),” while still trying to assure parents that he’s somewhat trustworthy, and that their pre-teen daughters won’t get pregnant just by listening to his music.

And it’s probably going to pay-off.

What a comforting message.

What do you think RTVM: Is Justin Bieber’s beer admission good or bad for his image? Does it change the way you feel about him and/or his music?

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