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America’s Got Talent Recap: Nudniks Ruled The Stage Tonight

May 22, 2012 07:56 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night on America’s Got Talent on NBCHoward Stern found the ultimate amusement in a man who enjoyed getting kicked in the balls. So, what kind of wacky performance could top that? Let’s just say that the nudniks ruled the stage tonight! More after the jump.

Tonight on America’s Got Talent it was all about the nudniks, and when I say nudniks, I mean the king of nudniks, aka Howard Stern. Stern kicked off the show poking fun at his parents, who were in the audience, by the way. Sure, there were some talented acts, such as Tom, a stand up comedian who stole the show with his jokes. Honestly, when he walked out on stage, no one was sure that he would impress, but this dude was funny, and kept us laughing with lines such as: “I was the youngest child in my family. The older kids would beat me up all the time, mom and dad.”

But when the bad acts began to hit the stage, it was all Howard tonight. As one guy came with his turquoise pants and awful voice, and all three judges buzzed and he was still going, Howard took it upon himself to get his father involved. Howard Stern brought his dad up on stage, hoping dad would have some words of encouragement for this awful act. “Don’t be stupid, you moron,” Papa Stern said to the contestant, reiterating to us that is what he always told Howard growing up. Hm, that explains everything!

Then there were more amazing acts, such as a couple of acrobats, who did an incredible balancing act, on each other! The husband and wife team earned a quick ticket to Vegas, as did a teen/tween dance routine, an all girl group, and a drag queen, who calls herself…wait, is that considered herself or himself? Whatever…All Beef Patty rocked out some Lady Gaga, and the judges loved it, so it was off to Vegas for this neon colored hunk of beef.

There was also some disagreement between the judges when it came to the next contestant, Stepz. Stepz came out with a dance meets contortionist routine that looked like part robot and part rubber band. It was super entertaining to watch, but Howard Stern did not agree that it was original enough. Really, but you let “Whatcha Gonna Do” guy go through last night? In any event, Howie Mandel argued that he loved the act, and Sharon Osbourne agreed. It was off to Vegas for Stepz.

And the night ended with a nudnik. Savage men, a group of built male strippers were up next. They came out in their military pants, shaking it to Sexy And I Know It, and it was a corny routine, but nice on the eyes. Howard Stern joked that girls don’t like bodies like that, but prefer his type, and the boys called Howard on stage to join them. Stern then gave the dance his best shot, thankfully without removing any clothing, but it was still a no from the other judges. Yep, Sharon Osbourne likes her men dirty apparently – her words, not mine!

That’s all for this week! Be sure to tune in next week for more America’s Got Talent on NBC!

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One Response to “America’s Got Talent Recap: Nudniks Ruled The Stage Tonight”

  1. Schroeder Says:
    May 22nd, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    Sorry, but the performance was HORRIBLE, the kid CAN NOT SING! The kid is clearly not ready for the entertainment industry especially if he is going to cry when someone is going to critique him. Howard was NOT in ANY way rude to the kid, the kids feeling were just hurt because he got buzzed, besides we are talking a MILLION dollars and that performance or future performances would not be worthy of that million. The kid needs to be a child first and then in his late teens pursue his rap career. I’m sure he will do very well then but now is not the time.


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