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Emily Maynard Defends Some Of Her Decisions On The Bachelorette Last Night

May 22, 2012 08:00 AM by Lisa Princ

Last night on The Bachelorette, Emily Maynard narrowed her pool of suitors down, and some of the decisions she made left us wondering why. Why did she let Joe go? Why did she go hunting after Jef? Well, wonder no more! Emily Maynard defended (and explained) some of the decisions she made on last night’s episode.

Sure, we can all sit here and criticize Emily Maynard for her decisions on The Bachelorette, but none of us truly know what it is like to be in her position. And Emily herself is no stranger to those exact same feelings, as she now knows how much different it is to watch it play out on television versus being the person to actually make those decisions. Emily explained in her People blog today: “Joe made me laugh all day, said all of the right things, and couldn’t have been more of a gentleman, but I knew that we were just in different place in our lives. I had watched the show before and seen people sent home on dates and always wondered, ‘How hard can it really be? You barely even know each other!’ Let me be the first to say I was absolutely wrong!”

Okay, so now that Joe is cleared up, why did she go hunting for Jef last night, or was he playing hard to get? Most of us assumed that Jef was just playing hard to get – a mind game move taken from Courtney Robertson perhaps? No, not at all, or at least Emily doesn’t think so: “All day, I could tell just by looking at Jef that he was wondering what in the world he had gotten himself into. I immediately wanted to comfort him because I remember thinking the same thing on my first group date with Brad. I decided to give him the rose because I wanted him to give this whole experience a chance – I truly believe it can work if the right two people find each other.”

Who are you rooting for on The Bachelorette? What did you think of last night’s episode? Comment and share your thoughts with us below, and tune in tonight for a brand new episode!

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