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LIVE! American Idol Finale Night One

May 22, 2012 05:04 PM by Lisa Princ

Calling all of our East Coast fans! Tonight starts the American Idol finale, where  Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez are taking the stage to earn your votes, and we will be here every step of the way with updates for your enjoyment! Who has the upper hand so far? What’s going on at this very second? Keep reading for our up to the minute live blog!

9:00 Last season’s winner, Scotty McCreery takes the stage with a performance of Please Remember Me to a montage of the contestants’ journeys. Scotty is amazing as usual, but it’s all about Jessica and Phillip tonight. Won won the night? That’s all folks – make sure you vote, vote, vote!

8:58 Jessica gushes that she loves Phillip, and it’s “going to suck when it’s all over.” Phillip calls Jessica “amazing at 16,” and reiterates that he will miss her when it’s over. Numbers are given out, so make sure you all get off the couch and start voting!

8:55 Randy calls Phillip’s performance the best performance of the night, while Steven Tyler says that he heard some Paul Simon in there. We tuned Jennifer Lopez out, because honestly, she adds nothing that the other two have not already said. Ironically, Steven hints that Phillip Phillips may have just won the finale, do you agree?

8:50 Last performance of the finale – Phillip Phillips takes the stage with his guitar and a tune called Home. Is anyone not feeling this guy? Insert a band for more drama on the stage…still not feeling it, it’s all a bit corny for my liking, but Phillip earns a standing ovation from the judges – what?!? Are these judges deaf? Or just too old to hear what is being sung?

8:46 Randy thinks the song was okay, but that Jessica brought it to life. Jennifer thinks that while Jessica tried to bring the wow factor to it, she didn’t see it – um, okay, we get the point that she is rooting for Phillip. Steven Tyler gushes that he knows how great Jessica can sing, but he is not sure the song was great for her. Wow, maybe it was just me? I liked it, how about you?

8:42 Jessica Sanchez takes the stage for her final performance of her “winning song” called Change Nothing. Jessica is sitting on a piano, and once again gives a beautiful, heartfelt performance. The song has a great melody, and it fits her perfectly – again, I have a feeling we may see a girl win it this season!

8:37 Who wins round two? Thankfully, Ryan Seacrest went to Steven Tyler this time and not J LO. Steven Tyler calls Phillip “a hatcher,” and says that Jessica won the round, but the others do not agree. Randy calls it even, and Jennifer stands up for Phillip – and why not, she is into young men after all, right?

8:34 Phillip Phillips takes on his favorite performance – Billy Joel’s Moving Out, and it sounds kind of odd. Is Phillip trying to sound too much like Billy Joel? It sure sounds like it to us, and sounds like he is talking in certain parts instead of singing…uh oh, maybe we will finally see a female winner this season?

8:27 Jessica Sanchez performs The Prayer, a song that she performed previously, and she looks like an angel in a flowing gown. Wow, this girl can hold a note – can you say big career regardless? Jessica ends the song sweet and tender, an overall beautiful performance that leaves the crowd on their feet!

8:22 A rocking performance of Undefeated by Jason Derulo, the catchy new Coca Cola tune that was chosen by the viewers…does anyone else just want to get up and dance every time he hits the stage?

8:19 Ryan points out that Jennifer Lopez put out her hand when Randy said that Jessica won round one – of course, now she has something say, right? When asked earlier, the cat had her tongue. Maybe Howard Stern is right about her, she is way too easy on the contestants – time to replace her?

8:15 It’s gossip time! Jennifer Lopez calls Jessica beautiful, and Phillip a modern day crooner, but she avoids the question of who won the round. Luckily, Randy is not afraid to share his opinion, and he gives round one to Jessica Sanchez – not sure I agree with him, but he is the expert, right?

8:12 We’re back after a commercial break to Stand By Me, performed by Phillip Phillips. This was Simon Fuller’s choice for Phillip, and Phillip sounds amazing as he plays his guitar along – America got it right last week.

8:07 Jessica Sanchez is up first with an amazing version of Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing, and while she looks stunning, you can see the nerves are eating her alive!

8:04 Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips emerge onstage – hooray! Jessica looks so nervous, and what the heck did Phillip just say when asked how he was feeling? Sounded like some sort of Scooby Do chatter – did anyone make that out? Phillip won the coin toss, and elects to perform second.

8:00 A montage of the Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez sharing their excitement and shock to be in the finale. The judges come in looking stunning, but none of course, are as stunning as good ole Ryan Seacrest. In usual Ryan Seacrest fashion, he asks the fans to applaud their favorite.

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