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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Name Changing And Name Calling

May 22, 2012 07:17 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Orange County is all new tonight on Bravo. Vicki Gunvalson is still reeling from her fight with Briana. Gretchen tells Slade she wants to go to therapy and Heather is finally ready to change her name. For all the details of tonight’s RHOC episode keep reading!

Brooks stops by Vicki’s office to bring her breakfast and to hear her cry about the fight she had with Briana.  Vicki must be stressed out because her face is broken out like a hormonal teenager.  A teary Vicki can’t believe how honest disrespectful Briana was to her. Then Vicki tells Brooks that Briana called him an opportunist.  Brooks looked like a dear in headlights – busted?  But the bullshitting Brooks says, “I’m not after your money, your assets.  I’m after your love and partnership.”  A snotty nose Vicki tells Brooks that maybe she should let him fly the coup, because her life is so chaotic.  But Brooks isn’t going anywhere, because maybe he has nowhere to go? 

Heather is lunching with an old actress friend of hers, Dina.  The girls talk about their glory days on the set of, Men Behaving Badly. The girls joke about how they only have maybe ten years left in the acting business. Who are they kidding?  Dina admits she is even too old to play Harrison Ford’s wife.  Yep!  Then Heather Ford Kent tells her friend she is finally ready to change her name to Dubrow. Heather has been hesitant in the past because she thinks Dubrow sounds like eyebrow.  Then Heather admits giving up Heather Paige Kent is hard, because it’s basically saying goodbye to her acting identity.   

As Gretchen is fully dressed and is in perfect make-up, Slade strolls out on the porch with a black robe and a fashionista coffee mug.  Okay Slade, hand in your man card.  Then Gretchen drops the bomb that she wants to talk to a therapist, so they can talk openly about Slade’s issues.  Gretchen’s biological clock is ticking away and she wants to have babies.  Slade feels they do talk about things, but then Gretchen turns on the waterworks.  So then Slade caves and tells Gretchen he will go see a therapist.

Alexis is on her way to her Alexis Couture photo shoot, where she is the model of course.  A girl has to show off her new nose!  “Sales are through the roof,” according to Alexis. 

After 12 years and four kids, Heather is ready to change her name.  Only Heather would stroll into a DMV in high heels and a pink Chanel purse. “Oh my, that seems so permanent,” Heather tells the worker after signing the paperwork.  The first shot on her new license doesn’t meet Heather’s standards, so she makes the lady take another picture.  Finally, it’s official…Heather Dubrow!

Tamra and Eddie are on their way to meet with a guy who has opened his own gym.  Tamra is all about girl power and opening her own gym, except she might need some money from Eddie.  After the meeting, Tamra is more determined than ever to open her gym.

After the DMV, Heather heads to her hubby’s office to show off her new license.  Heather flashes Terry a piece of paper and he tears up when he sees she changed her name.  Awe, that was really sweet Terry.  Go ahead Heather, now is the perfect time to ask for a new handbag or a piece of jewelry!

Slade and Gretchen are heading to their first therapy session and they are fighting in the car.  After being stuck in traffic, the couple finally meets with the therapist.  Gretchen fills the therapist in on why the couple is there, it’s all about Slade’s money issues. ”I’m feeling frustrated and irritated on what he (Slade) is saying,” Gretchen admits to the cameras.  Slade commits to working from 10-2 on sorting out his financial issues.  

Tamra and Alexis meet for some coffee, because Alexis wants to clear the air between them.  “Somewhere along the way, our friendship turned south,” Alexis tells Tamra.  The meeting doesn’t go well from the start, Tamra goes on the defense and the two start bringing up past fights.  “Why would you trust a girl who has tits bigger than her head,” Tamra slams Alexis.  “I think you are an extremely shallow person,” Tamra tells Alexis to her face.  I guess Alexis got her answer, but Tamra makes it crystal clear by saying she doesn’t give a shit about her or her husband.  There will be no friendship bracelets between Tamra and Alexis!

Tune in next week when the girls gang up on Alexis in Costa Rica. 

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  1. Rhonda Says:
    May 23rd, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Stupidest remark of the year from Alexis! “Costa Rica is in Mexico”. Pea brain for sure.


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