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Around The World In 80 Plates Recap: Men Vs. Nookie And His Angels

May 23, 2012 08:55 PM by Veronica Dudo

For their next stop around the globe the remaining ten chefs visit Spain! On tonight’s episode of Around the World in 80 Plates, the competing chefs travel to Barcelona, Spain where the race continues as they work on the docks with local fishermen and prepare Mediterranean dishes. Which chef has cooked their last meal on the Bravo reality TV series? Keep reading to find out!

Celebrity chefs Curtis Stone and Cat Cora are the hosts who take viewers on an up close and personal tour of the world. The 10 remaining chefs include Steve Postal (aka “Nookie”), Nicole Lou, Nick Lacasse, Liz Garrett, Keven Lee, John Vermiglio, Jenna Johansen, Gary Walker, Chaz Brown and Avery Pursell.

Tonight the destination is Spain, where the chefs’ knife skills are put to the test while working with regional fishermen on the Barcelona docks. The Black Team is made up of the women and Nookie which they describe as a sort of “Charlie and his Angles.” The Red Team is comprised of the men.

On the docks, both teams must sort the day’s catching, breakdown Monk fish and take out the ink. For a while it’s a tie but after everything is counted the Red Team wins. The exceptional ingredient is ‘the truffle of the sea.’

Next the chefs must navigate the famous Boqueria Market. There’s a lot of food and the layout is similar to a maze but Nookie lived in Barcelona for a year and shopped there every day so his team mates follow his lead. The men’s team however continues with a power struggle–often all talking at the same time and wasting¬†valuable time.

While enjoying some down time and relaxing, the chefs get to socialize with one another. Keven has a heart-to-heart talk with Nick who tells him that his problem is that he doesn’t listen when people talk. Jenna decides this is the perfect time to start forming alliances and decides to see if Nicole is game. Unfortunately, Nicole says no deal. The experience backfires and leaves both women leery of each other!

Later, they plate Mediterranean cuisine at a top restaurant. Jose Andres serves as the local culinary expert. In the kitchen, the drama unfolds! First, Jenna is walking around in the kitchen asking everyone what they’re making and writing it down in her notebook. Nookie and Avery both agree that there is too much writing and not enough cooking. Over on the other team, Kevin is fighting to be the leader of the team while Chaz struggles with the breakdown of his fish and gets some major heat for it.

Last minute, Liz is unable to brulee the pudding she made so they bruleed the figs. Because of the¬†change, the dish doesn’t match the menu and Liz is really worried that she will be eliminated. Stressing about her fate, Liz can’t hold back her teams and starts to cry. Nookie is not happy with this saying, “Crying in the kitchen–not ok.” He also adds “Just shows Liz’s immaturity in the kitchen.”

Referring to Keven, Nookie comments to Avery about the other team’s problems, “The Rabbi, he’s been preaching non-stop.”

The men’s team had the exceptional ingredient but still couldn’t pull out a win. The locals thought the Black Team had the best menu so Nookie and his angels won! Along with that, Nookie receives immunity for next week.

During deliberation, some think Keven should have spent more time in the front of the house while others think Chaz butchered the fish dish. In the end Keven Lee is the chef voted off.

What do you think of tonight’s elimination? We want to hear from you so join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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