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LIVE: American Idol Finale – West Coast!

May 23, 2012 09:00 PM by Gina Hall

Are you ready for the American Idol finale, West Coast? Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez face off on the night that will define their lifetime. Join us by clicking below…no spoiler, we promise, we’re watching it with you!

10:02 Drum roll … and the winner is … PHILLIP PHILLIPS.

10:00 Some Brit has an envelope and is stalling…

9:57 But first … DUET! Jess and Phil are steaming it up with a Joe Cocker/Jennifer Warnes classic — “Up Where We Belong.” Truth be told, it’s not very steamy. It’s not exactly moist, either. Damp. I’ll also accept soggy.

9:53 Almost that time, America … The winner is about to be announced. Get ready to tweet.

9:46 Aerosmith. Wow, for a music judge, that guy’s a pretty good rock singer.

9:42 Poor Jessica tries to keep up with Jennifer Holliday. Ends in a vocal showdown won by Holliday. But Sanchez didn’t embarrass herself.

9:38 Hold on! Joshua Ledet is not Robin Gibb, but he is someone special. Why is P.P. (Phillip Phillips) number one? This is the best male performer of the evening — sorry, Mr. Fogerty and Mr. Diamond — those were some tired performances you guys gave. This guy is giving the fans their money’s worth.

9:35 Tribute to Robin Gibb (for all you younger folks, ask your parents who the Bee Gees are). It’s just cruel making these boys try to hit the notes only Gibb and a few sopranos in history were ever capable of. Crueler still is making us listen.

9:27 Holly Cavanaugh doing “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Interesting follow-up to the marriage proposal. Just a coincidence I’m sure. Let’s call it serendipity.

9:25 A wedding proposal. This is only slightly more awkward than the Ford segment. … No, it’s much more awkward. And not staged at all. Sorry, for all you who believe in magic and the Easter Bunny — I didn’t mean that. No, it’s real.

9:18 The Jennifer Lopez segment is clearly where American Idol spent the better part of their budget — lasers, spotlights, pyrotechnics, acrobatic dancers. And all Phillip got last night was that high school marching band.

9:15 J Lo performs. And for once, a performer isn’t wearing skin tight clothing. Why now?

9:11 Montage of Randy Jackson saying “You can sing the  phonebook.” Why would anyone sing the phonebook? Oh no. There’s a number featuring the poor runners-up having to sing from the yellow pages a la a gospel choir — proving once again that lyrics are not essential to pop music.

9:03 The real Neil is here! And real Neil looks like he’s been wiping the tears away.

9:01 The almost-winners are trying to make Neil Diamond sad with their medley. And I think it’s working.

8:57 Jessica Sanchez performs a Dolly Parton classic — “I Will Always Love You.” Note: It’s been covered by others, too.

8:55 Steven Tyler dressing room segment. If Liberace were an aging rock n’ roll star …

8:51 Skylar Lane is back to perform some country music, and in the theme of the evening — tight clothes, leather pants, to be exact. Very befitting. But not fitting. Oh, and that Reba lady is there too.

8:44 Rihanna performs amid a laser light show. Also wearing a tight outfit. However, she pulls it off. Well, she doesn’t literally pull it off — this isn’t the Super Bowl.

8:42 The best friend/mentors get Fords. And Phillip and Jessica get Fords, too. It beats a sharp stick in the eye. … I guess.

8:39 Loser montage Ford commercial.

8:31 The ladies of the Top 12 take the stage in tight sparkly dresses for a medley. Aesthetically, it’s not something you’d want to see again probably. Or hear.

8:29 Outtakes of some old fart named Jimmy screwing up names. Might be a good time to grab a snack.

8:22 In the midst of a Joshu Ledet gospel version of Elton John’s “Take Me to the Pilot,” Fantasia Barrino has taken the stage and is delivering! The outfit is a little too tight perhaps, but that voice! Is it possible to vote for Fantasia again?

8:19 We’re watching show highlights — and low-lights. And it gets pretty low, then a little lower.

8:15 “Bad Moon Rising” … not a very good rendition. And Phillip sure does smile a lot, ever notice that?

8:12 Phillip Phillip is joined by John Fogerty for a classic CCR tune — “Have you  Ever Seen the Rain?” Just two guys and their guitars.

8:07 The judges enter, followed by Ryan Seacrest.  132 million votes were cast last night! New world record. Wow. Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez enter, wearing all white.

8:02 Here we go! A spicy little number to get us started. The gang’s all here.

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