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LIVE: American Idol Finale!

May 23, 2012 03:36 PM by Lisa Princ

Let’s get ready to rumble East Coasters! The performances are over, the votes have been tallied, and it’s now time to find out who will be crowned the season 11 winner of American Idol! For the next two hours, we will be here every step of the way with your must have updates! Will it be the always charming Phillip Phillips who will take home the crown, or will Jessica Sanchez bring it home for the ladies? Keep reading for our up to the minute live blog!

10:01 the envelope is brought out. The season 11 winner of American Idol is Phillip Phillips! Not shocked, are you? Phillip is crying so hard, that he can’t even sing his winning tune. Congrats to Phillip!

9:59 Still no results. Jessica and Phillip take the stage for a performance of Love Lift Us Up. It’s beautiful and proves why they both belong here.

9:53 Aerosmith is still rocking the stage, this time they perform Walk This Way, and it rocks, but we wonder how much longer Steven Tyler can hold out. Luckily, it’s time for yet another break. Will we find out who wins next? Hopefully!

9:47 WHAT?!? Ryan Seacrest announces that he has been waiting 2 years for this….and out comes Aerosmith! Holy cow, who knew they were gonna take the stage? Damn, Steven Tyler’s still got it – the voice that is, get your minds out of the gutter! These guys rock the house, that makes 3 good performances tonight!

9:40 Okay, I made sure I stayed awake, but only for you, my faithful readers! Jennifer Holliday takes the stage with Jessica Sanchez, and it’s a powerful performance from these two. Wow, they get a standing ovation from the judges, and just about everyone else in the building. This is the Jessica that could win the title, but will she?

9:36 Top 5 guys take the stage for a tribute performance to Robin Gibb. Wait, Ryan said Top 12, but I only see 5? Huh? In any event, another legend is gone, how sad. The performance is boring though, I could easily doze off through this…if I don’t come back, you know why.

9:30 Hollie Cavanaugh takes the stage, boring. Oh, she is joined by Jordin Sparks, yay, now it’s twice as boring. That makes how many real performances tonight? Let me count, um, one? Rihanna was still the best performance hands down. Let’s just get to the results already.

9:25 After a long commercial break, Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo take the stage, but not for a performance – for a proposal! OMG! How sweet, Ace is fighting back the tears as he pops the question, how can she say no? She didn’t, she said YES! Congrats to the happy couple!

9:16 J LO surfaces, darn it. This time she is onstage for a performance. Didn’t catch the name of the song, too busy looking for Casper, but they are all covered up in hoodies. Insert the real talent, Flo Rida. Flo Rida quickly steals the stage and hands it back to J LO, who strips down out of her over-sized jumpsuit. Jennifer shakes her booty, wait, is that Casper? Ugh, will she just go away already?

9:11 tribute to the Dawg, Randy Jackson, who always tells the contestants that they can “sing the phone book.” Ryan puts that to the test as the top 12 are shown singing the phone book, and guess what? Randy is correct! Then, Scotty McCreery gives Randy Jackson his very own phone book, complete with a pretty bow.

9:02 Oh yay, the top 12 guys take the stage for a medley. Colton Dixon kicks it off, and Deandre has still not gotten a haircut. Wait a minute, what? No fat chicks in a catsuit this time? Nope, the guys are joined by Neil Diamond – I had no idea this guy was even still alive.

8:57 a tribute to Steven Tyler, and a look into his strange dressing room, where he is greeted by a bunch of playboy playmates. Still no sign of J LO. Jessica Sanchez takes on I Will Always Love You, and of course, it is beautiful!

8:53 Skylar Laine takes the stage with a rocking performance of Turn On The Radio by Reba McEntire, and just when you think it can’t get any better, it does! Reba herself joins Skylar on stage, and it ends in a phenomenal performance. Uh-oh, Ryan Seacrest is in J LO’s seat…are we that lucky that she quit already?

8:45 Finally some excitement! Rihanna takes the stage! Lots of lights, lasers, and drums before we even see her. Rihanna performs Where Have You Been, and it’s a fun performance that makes me want to get up and dance. Finally, a great performance, and someone who can get away with dressing scantily. Best performance so far…

8:40 Snooze-fest! Ford Music Video, wake me up when it’s over. I think I would take a wardrobe malfunction over this. Oh joy, more fun as Jessica and Phillip share their inspiration and give away new cars to their friends. BORING! Get to the real good stuff already, will ya?

8:33 The top 12 ladies take the stage for medley of tunes. Ooh, Erika Van Pelt dyed her hair back to blonde, but it’s still short and looks gorgeous. Chaka Khan joins the gals on stage, and it’s a good ole disco party, but Chaka looks like she is gonna bust right out of her top – uh oh, please no wardrobe malfunctions tonight, this is a family show. Randy gets his groove on to the beat!

8:28 Back after commercial break, and it’s time to salute the judges, and Jimmy Iovine. Oops, Jimmy Iovine keeps calling J LO Jessica instead of Jennifer – guess she wouldn’t be such a huge loss after all, huh?

8:21 Joshua Ledet is back on the stage, yippee! Joshua performs Take Me To The Pilot. This song suits him, and then we are surprised as Fantasia joins him on stage. Fantasia sounds like she is screaming though…not sure which is worse, her voice or gaudy red and black catsuit! OMG! Can it get any tighter? No offense, but she is too big to sporting that tight suit, yuck.

8:18 A fun look back at all the moronic auditions of the season, and some funny judges outtakes. Ouch, Ryan Seacrest gets punched in the face and the Steven Tyler shares his gas problem – we must have missed those auditions?

8:12 Phillip Phillips takes the stage with John Fogerty for a performance of Have You Ever Seen The Rain, and I am certain that Phillip sounds better than John does – this could be the perfect genre for Phillip, he rocks this one out! Another performance, this time it is Bad Moon Tonight, and Phillip is on fire!

8:08 Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez make their entrance, both donning white. They look great, and Ryan Seacrest announces that we have a huge, star studded show tonight, too bad it includes J LO.

8:06 Judges come out, as does Ryan Seacrest – J LO needs to hold on to the guys so she doesn’t fall down the stairs. Ugh, will she just announce that she is leaving already and spare us all? Ryan Seacrest informs us that 132 million votes came in last night!

8:02 Shocking, a performance by the eliminated contestants. Awe, there is Colton Dixon and Skylar Laine – oh, how I have missed them. What the heck was HeeJun Han just cackling about? He certainly was not singing.

8:00 And we’re live folks! This is going to be a good one. I wonder if Jennifer Lopez will just resign herself from the judging panel tonight? First, of course, we are once again shown a montage of Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips, and their performances last night!

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