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Phillip Phillips Beats Jessica Sanchez For The American Idol Crown – Did America Get It Right?

May 24, 2012 07:07 AM by Lisa Princ

Last night on American Idol, we watched as Phillip Phillips keep the tradition of male winners alive, winning the crown over Jessica Sanchez, the little girl with the huge voice. Now that it’s all over, did America get it right?

It came as no surprise last night to most of us that Phillip Phillips was crowned the season 11 winner of American Idol. But not because of his intense talent, it was mostly due to the fact that we have not seen a female winner since the Jordin Sparks era back in 2007. What is going on with this show? Will we ever see a female take the crown again?

In the meantime, Phillip Phillips is enjoying his title, but he isn’t so sure that he was so deserving of it. In fact, Phillip told People after the show last night: “I’m not a great singer. I just love having fun up on stage and playing good music and getting the crowd into it. Music’s fun, dude,” adding: “This doesn’t feel real. It’s so unreal. It still hasn’t sunk in yet. It’s such a blessing. I have no idea why this happened. I just want to play music and I’m just a lucky guy.”

Jessica Sanchez, on the hand, feels that Phillip did indeed deserve to win. Backstage last night, the teeny, tiny, girl with the huge voice explained: “I think America made the right choice. Not that I don’t think I’m good, but he’s worked hard for it. He’s really, really put his heart and soul into it, and he’s pushed through all the health issues, and he’s done it. He did it.”

Now, we want to hear from you! Did America get it right this season on American Idol? Or should Jessica Sanchez should have won? Comment and tell us what you think below!

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3 Responses to “Phillip Phillips Beats Jessica Sanchez For The American Idol Crown – Did America Get It Right?”

  1. ACE Says:
    May 25th, 2012 at 9:12 am

    I was rooting for Jessica to win (also wished Colton or Skylar made it to the finals), but understand America has spoken. They’ve spoken for the last 5 years that they like these WGWGs who have not only talent but a cute face. I’m not just saying that either out of spite. I’ve been on Twitter, FB, and Youtube and the common theme is P2 is talented and HOT. What bothers me about this is that P2 did not have that many WOW moments. Joshua Ledet and Sanchez did! Even Colton and Skylar had more WOW moments than P2. P2 is no doubt talented but it seemed to me he was just “steady” good but not WOW good! It wasn’t until he did Volcano and his 3rd song of the final performance night that he really WOW’d me. Why is it that Jessica and Joshua who really set the bar high with WOW performances had to keep at that level and/or higher just to keep pace with a steady performer such as P2? P2 could have bad nights and he never was in the bottom. But, others made one mistake and they were out of the competition? To me it’s obvious, the WGWG profile is what is now winning AI. The truly exceptional talent don’t stand a chance! And, if people want to say P2 is exceptional well what is so different than the other WGWGs (Chris Allen, David Cook, and Lee Dewyze)??? I’m not hating on P2, but don’t know if he was truly the AI11 winner in my eyes!

  2. La La Says:
    May 27th, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    Honestly, this finale just made me not want to watch this show anymore. It’s all of the teenagers’ fault because all they ever look at these days are if he’s cute or if he’s hot. I am quite sick of American Idol giving instant stardom because of those teenager girls that think it’s all about the looks. American Idol is a SINGING competition, not a BEAUTY competition. Now it’s just an honor to be called the runner-up of American Idol since the last 5 years, most of the runner-ups were much better and deserved to win. So to all of the girls that wanted Philip Philips to win, stop voting for white cute boys.

  3. nicole Says:
    June 12th, 2012 at 10:46 am

    Im so glad phillip won it no it was not because he is cute Im married have three children and find no other man cute. He is a natural I think he deserved it, above all else God thought he deserved it its about time a hard working person won I proud.


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