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So You Think You Can Dance Season Premiere Recap: From Wiggles and Waves to Zombies and Exorcism

May 24, 2012 07:42 PM by Candace Young

Season 9 of FOX‘s So You Think You Can Dance starts tonight with judges Mary Murphy, Nigel Lythgoe, and guest judge, Tyce Diorio kicking off the audition process. This season there will be two talented winners chosen – one female and one male. Read on for all the highlights…

Amelia Lowe is the first hopeful to try her luck on So You Think You Can Dance. Her looks and style are inspired by silent movies. Accordingly, she does a theatrical modern dance, which impresses the panel to no end – she’s going to Vegas.

Toshihiko is a popper with poofy fire engine red hair flattened on one side – he could easily be mistaken for a clown who just woke up. His puppet-like performance delights Mary, who can be heard cackling her approval.  The judges ask Toshihiko to stick around and do the choreography later.

Nerdy Austin Freeman does his ‘wiggle’ all over New York City and has come to jiggle his stuff on So You Think You Can Dance. He jerks, vibrates, and shakes his leg like a dog after a pee! The judges stop laughing long enough to give him the boot.

Street entertainer, Shafik, who does flips over chairs on pavement, brings his acrobatic prowess onto the stage. His strength and control are amazing! He’s totally going to Vegas.

Meanwhile, clown-like Toshihiko, is overwhelmed in choreography and opts to drop out.

The next hopeful, Leo Reyes, tells a sad story about finding his mother after a suicide attempt – he wants to dance on stage for her.  His modern lyrical dance is every bit as dramatic as his story. He’s off to Vegas, and tearfully calls his mom.

A series of awkward, embarrassing, uncomfortable, and even chicken-like dances follow – they are so not going to Vegas.

Chehon saves the judges’ sanity with his precise and expressive routine. Tyce says it was sick, amazing, and insane. They put him right through to Vegas! Mary takes advantage of the ensuing celebration to hug Chehon and grab his ass!

Lil’ C joins Nigel and Mary in Texas for the next round of auditions. Bree is first up – she’s a 29 year-old mother with two young children who has just got back into dance. The kidlets get to take Nigel’s seat while mom impresses the judges. Her little boy hands her the ticket to Vegas – so cute – but not as cute as her teeny little girl dancing in her pink tutu! Awww!

The next two contestants are spooky, but are they scary good? One fashions his style after The Exorcist, while the other is a self-professed zombie.  Stefan, the zombie, is just insane! His moves make Michael Jackson’s Thriller video look like amateur hour! Vegas, baby! Next, Hampton Williams, brings his ‘exorcist style’ to the stage. The judges are expecting a flake after he says he’ll ‘save’ them, but it turns out he’s incredible – astounding, actually.  Nigel feels he could be a genius. He says Hampton’s going to Vegas if he has to pay for it himself! Mary sobs – she’s been exorcised!

Daniel Baker, originally from Australia, is ready to give up his position with the San Francisco Ballet for a shot on So You Think You Can Dance. Not surprisingly, his contemporary ballet is flawless. The judges pretend to be only mildly impressed and Nigel shrugs that if wants to come to Vegas, he can.

Ultra-geeky, but sweet, Sam Shreffler, does some lyrical freestyling that is more like lyrical flailing, but nonetheless, the judges give him kudos for getting up on the stage since he told them he’s on the autism spectrum. They name his dance, The Ocean, due to all the waving, tell him to be proud, and he goes. Later, he can be seen waving with the other spectators, who have latched on to the new sensation.

Von Kipper gets in a huge argument with Nigel about his opinions before his audition. The judges obviously have a bad taste in their mouth over the guy. Mary tells him his routine was spastic, and then Nigel talks to him about his bad attitude. He’s sent packing.

Jerrell is last up. His mom joins the panel while he does a powerful lyrical dance that earns him a ticket to Vegas. Mom gets to give him the ticket.

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2 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance Season Premiere Recap: From Wiggles and Waves to Zombies and Exorcism”

  1. stewie Says:
    May 25th, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    The show was a wonderful show except for Von Kipper and his massive chip on his shoulder. He had no business being there if he didn’t like the show. His attitude was horrible and set a bad tone on an otherwise wonderful episode. Oh, and his dancing was bad and so was that Donald Duck crap he danced to. What a loser.

  2. AJ Says:
    May 26th, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    Two words…Awesome opening!


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