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Jessica Sanchez Dishes On Being American Idol’s Runner Up – She Knew It Was Coming

May 25, 2012 07:30 AM by Lisa Princ

This week on American Idol, we watched as Phillip Phillips was crowned the season 11 winner, leaving 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez as the runner up. Today, Jessica took some time out all the craziness to chat with the media about her experience, and she admitted that she knew she was not going to win. More after the jump!

Jessica Sanchez could not break the men’s winning streak this season on American Idol. Despite having a huge voice and almost flawless season, she did not win the voters when it all came down to it, making Phillip Phillips the season 11 winner. Afterward, Jessica was in great spirits as she spoke to reporters about her stint on Idol, and what’s next for her. Check out what Jessica Sanchez had to say.

On her lack of surprise over the results Wednesday evening:

I truly believed that Phillip was going to win – not that I think I’m bad, but he has a huge fan base. He’s really such an artist. He sang so many different songs, and whatever he sings, always sounds like him. I’m so happy and proud of him. I am kind of glad it’s over, but I am going to miss everything. The people, the schedule, and just the whole craziness factor.

On singing with Jennifer Holliday, and what she wished she could have sung this season:

It was so much fun – I was in the moment and so was she. We ended up making the most ridiculous faces, I know, but we were just really digging deep into our hearts and singing the heck out of that song. One song I really wanted to sing was How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore by Prince. I love that song and I really wanted to perform it, but Prince isn’t clearing songs for shows right now.

How she felt after being saved by the judges:

It was difficult to come back after the save, but it did not affect my confidence. It made me push harder. It was a bad thing too because I was pushing so hard and didn’t really feel my songs. I was always trying proving myself and I believe that I focused on that too much. When we had to sing songs the judges picked, it was a big challenge because we didn’t have any say.

Whether or not Jessica Sanchez thinks a woman will ever win American Idol again, and why she is not upset about coming in second:

I have no idea whether we will see another woman win again. My only disappointment of wanting to win was to break that whole guy winning streak and have a girl win it for once. But, I’m so proud of Phillip. He’s so talented. As for coming in second place, it does not matter. Jennifer Hudson came in like seventh place and she’s one of the biggest stars now. I have so much respect for her, and hopefully I’m one of those people. I think all twelve of us will have successful careers and I can’t wait for that.

The hardest thing for her post Idol, and what her album will sound like:

Right now, we’re in the American Idol bubble and we didn’t see much of what was going on in the real world. Also, we are known as American Idol contestants, and it’s going to be difficult to be known as an artist, not an American Idol contestant. For my album, I’d like to do Urban, R&B, and a little bit of Pop, but not too much. I want to have that gritty side of me come out. It’s going to be fun.

Congratulations to both Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips!

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3 Responses to “Jessica Sanchez Dishes On Being American Idol’s Runner Up – She Knew It Was Coming”

  1. gmdizon Says:
    May 25th, 2012 at 8:48 am

    Although Jessica did not win the American Idol Title, She is now the winner of “The World Idol”.

  2. helenaroxas Says:
    May 25th, 2012 at 9:16 am

    i think jessica should have won . . . i can accpet if jessica lost to joshua but to phillipps my gosh what kind of show is AI. I don’t think they based their winner thru voting . . .it was all scripted . . .jimmy lovine and the judges helped phillips win and conditioned the minds of the viewers to vote for him . . .the song nothing changed doesn’t sound bad . . .but they made it appear to be a bad choice for jessica to help phillips win . . .i bet the ratings of AI will go go go down . . .or it may be off the air soon . . . because they lost its credibility . . . phillips is boring . . .and cannot sing . . .ha ha ha

  3. Nathalie Nolde Says:
    May 25th, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    I followed Idol season 11 all the way. I had picked Jessica to win the contest and voted for her a lot. I think she has an great career ahead of her. Her voice is beautiful and amazing for a 16 year old. I hope she will have the right people in her life to help launch her career in the music industry. She is my winner no matter what. Congratulations! Second place is fabulous, she will be famous.
    To me Phillip is a very nice guy, but I don’t care for his music and I don’t think he has a good voice.


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